November 22, 2019

Mad GunZ Hack MOD, Unlimited Ammo Android iOS

Hack features:

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Completely undetectable
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS devices


Starting in the

Mad Gunz

mobile game, you are just a normal character in your house when the little cat suddenly awakens you. You open the refrigerator to find food and a “boom”, a black hole appears and gives you a ticket to go to a strange world. You have to fight with the players with guns shoot out bananas and flowers. It is interesting, right?

Immediately after the cut scene, you will be introduced about the mechanisms and controls of the game. Quite basic and standard when the virtual keyboard system is arranged on both sides neatly, the left touch keys for moving and the right touch keys are actions such as jumping, shooting, throwing grenades … The middle of the screen is your bloody bar and equipment bar with all your weapons arranged horizontally so you can quickly convert.After this tutorial, you will be immediately transferred to a “free to all” PK battlefield, which means that you can shoot anyone and “eat” the bullets from everyone. Mad Gunz will put the players in the game with a crazy battle but not bloody graphics that are the style of many “square” games like in the Trove or Minecraft game world. In addition to the comfortable shooting gameplay, one thing that makes gamers feel excited is the

Mad Gunz for Android

gameplay which is never the same when you were introduced to a detailed weapon system to changeReferring to the weapons in the game, you will be provided countless items such as swords, regular guns. But the developer put it on a higher level when you have high-level weapons but oddly like holding a cat’s tail to shoot out lasers or even grenades release electricity creating Pikachu image?In addition to the above-mentioned weapons, you are introduced about a myriad of power-ups hidden behind the game to help you get over dangerous situations such as immediately moving bar, blood, or some heavy weapons. Remember that they will appear at random so don’t expect too much from them but focus on the killing.