Transcription of legal proceedings into text is legal transcription companies It can be used to transcribe administrative hearings, record indexing, court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, taped depositions, interviews, and speeches. This can be done with recorded audio or videotapes, or digital files such that and results in a configured file in return. Legal transcription has taken the legal industry by storm because it makes hard to navigate - and sometimes scratchy - audios easily navigable and approachable.

Traditionally the transcription was done by stenographers (also known as court reporters). They are present in courtrooms and with stenographs provide shorthand transcripts to legal proceedings. The transcription is, however, a different process – the provided audio is transcribed by a professional transcriber remotely. A transcription service, thus, provides excellence in the following ways:

  1. Ease of handling – Traversing through a transcript is far less time consuming than going through the voluminous number of recordings. By adding timelines, and references to speakers anybody handling the transcript can easily jump between pages. Besides intelligent transcripts can result in the creation of grammatically yet thematically correct transcripts ensuring better convenience.
  2. Communication – Attorneys and lawyers can communicate about cases easily through transcripts. We all know how wordings can change issues of legalities. There is always a chance of misinterpretation with spoken words. Transcripts can be an easy way to communicate the same information across the courtrooms during trials and hearings.
  3. Learning – Transcripts can help in the process of learning to law students and junior attorneys. Transcripts can be easily accessible even when cases are closed that too without the use of headphones and recording devices.
  4. Language – What if the defendant in a case is speaking in a language you don’t understand? This makes matters more difficult. Transcripts, however, provides the solution. Transcripts can easily be translated from one language into another thus making the complex issue far easier.
  5. Paperwork – medico legal transcription services curtails the need for bulk paperwork in legal practices. Transcripts act as a way of record keeping. Transcripts also ensure that there is a regular update of records (because transcripts are far easier to handle).

But still, the question remains how to transcribe easily, effectively and efficiently. The answer is provided by online legal transcription services.

Online legal transcription services provide convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness in creating transcripts for audios. First, using legal transcription is easy. You upload your recorded audios and videos of courtroom hearings, back, and forth, or even wiretapping. Your files are confidentially sent to a legal transcriber. The legal transcribers know their way around legal jargon, colloquialisms, and vocabularies. The transcribers ensure that your transcriptions are done with utmost care and respect. After transcription, the texts are proof-read (no stone is left unturned from our side). The written transcripts are forwarded to you in formats that you desire.

Next translations. Translations of transcripts are made easy through the use of online services. The transcripts are transcribed in the same language as the source audio and then translations are done by professional legal translators (ensuring quality). Believe us when we tell you lingo in a foreign language are difficult to handle – you require online services for the ease of it. For example, Terminology like “bills of exchange” and “insolvency agreement” in Portuguese is represented in the single word “Letra” and “Concordat” respectively.

Searching for “legal audio transcription ” or “ online legal transcription ” – try online transcription – it’s not near you but it’s definitely better. Legal transcription services ensure that you save time and money, helps you avoid redundant grammatical errors, and make sure all your transcription deadlines are met.