October 11, 2020

How do I create fan motion for the Lakers | Colorization

Hi! You've probably read my previous article in which I described how I plan my video and do primitive storytelling. If not, then here is a link to it.


Now I have the next stage of creating a video, it's coloring and modeling all the scenes. I will take the light and materials to the next stage of creating my video. So now it is not necessary to evaluate it :)

I will work with such colors in the video. The first row of colors is what I associate with Lakers and basketball, and the second is the colors with which I will dilute my motion.

In a few days I managed to make a few scenes and I want to share them with you.

By the way, Kobe Bryant's head will be holographic.

I also plan to integrate shooting into this motion. It will be two shots, one of which I have already prepared. I replaced the colors of the basketball player's uniform with the colors of the Lakers.

Screenshot of the next scene in which I will integrate motion design.

I will also need to play with the colors of this scene, as they are not quite suitable for my video.

This stage is very important, as different colors evoke different emotions in people. So if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm always happy to hear criticism.

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