December 1, 2019

What is my benefit?What is my benefit? What is my benefit?

Good day to you all

I have already mentioned that we have a team of financial analysts and some of the signals are bought from more experienced traders and brokers. The price of such signals rise up to 500-1000 $ a week depending on the marketplace. I buy these signals and leak them on the private channel.

Why do I share them for free?

As you have already noticed the link I shared is a partner-link , so after your registration you become my partner. I get a remuneration for the work of active traders. Only active traders count. So the only way to increase my income is to keep you happy, to help double and triple those 20 $ and keep coming for more. These money help me to buy more signals from the top brokers and search for new star analysts, as I use the signals myself. I am also interested in improving the channel for our mutually beneficial cooperation.

P.S. There are more and more channels about trading, but they offer suck brokers as binarium, binomo, iqoptions. Why do they use these ones? The answer is quite simple – they get their commission when their partners loose money, that is why they encourage newbies to trade boldly with the large sums of money and follow martingale strategy.

So if you see one of these traders think carefully before collaborating with them.