May 12, 2022

AA Traveller hit by massive data breach, customer info stolen

AA Traveller reported a data breach has affected hundreds of thousands of customers.

Threat actors have taken:

  • Full names,
  • Home addresses,
  • Contact details,
  • Expired credit card numbers.

AA travel and tourism general manager Greg Leighton said the data was taken in August last year and AA Traveller found out in March.

Leighton said a lot of the data was not needed anymore, so it should have been deleted, and the breach "could have been prevented". He also said it was unclear where the hackers were based.

You should be able to give your data and for that to be secure. We understand that and respect that and are incredibly sorry.

AA Traveller is contacting all affected customers this week.

The pharmacy retailer Dis-Chem also has confirmed an unauthorized access to a database containing the personal data of more than 3.6-million people which could be used for different criminal activities.