Pharma PCD Franchise in India All You Want to Know About

PCD is a highly used term in the field of Indian pharmaceutical industry which stands for Propoganda cum Distribution. It was in the 19th and 20th century which led to the evolvement of PCD pharmaceutical companies and today, in the present time, there are several pharmaceutical companies involved in PCD considering it to be an effective marketing tool.
Having PCD franchise (i.e. the rights) enables an entrepreneur to sell their products (products either manufactured by the company itself or manufactured by other) in a particular area where the company has exclusive right. In other words, PCD Pharma companies have monopoly in the sales and distribution of their products like medicines, medical equipments or consultancies in a specific province. Pharma PCD Franchise in India is all in all a very effective way of marketing.
The marketing of the products by the pharma PCD franchise companies can be done in any of the two manners -
1. Ethical marketing –
In ethical marketing the company appoints a Medical Representative (MR) for marketing of the products. In this form of marketing, the medical representative talks to the wholesalers or stockists or distributors, chemists, retailers and doctors of the area and convinces them to purchase or prescribe their medicines or health based equipments to the public within the marginal rate decided by the company.
2. PCD/Franchise –
In this type of marketing there are two cases. If the company is small than it prefers to market the products on its own, but if the company is huge than agents are hired (district wise) who in turn appoints medical representatives for marketing. In this case, the products can be sold above the marginal rate, since the responsibility of the sale of the products solely comes on the shoulders of the MRs and they can sell the products at (reasonable) varied prices.
With the increase in competition, various pcd pharma franchise in india
have emerged rapidly over the years. One has to be very careful while making a choice of which pharma PCD franchise company to go in for. So the following points should be kept in mind before selecting the company -
• Dealing with quality products at best rates is one of the keys for the success of PCD franchise. So it is better to select a company which is GMP, ISO and WHO certified.
• It is better to go in for pharma PCD companies which have its own manufacturing plant.
• Pharma PCD companies who have their own manufacturing plants ensure regular availability of the products at a reasonable price.
• It is always better and safer to get associated with a PCD company who has good reputation in the market.
If confused regarding which PCD franchise company to select, than one can have a look at one of the India's most popular health journals - Drug Today or its health based monthly newspaper called Drug Today Medical Times or one can even go through its website to know about some of the best pharma PCD franchise companies in India.