April 24, 2020

Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry Market Size, Share, Demand, Financial Overview, Key Developments, Swot Analysis and Forecasts 2018-2028

Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry is the calculation of the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation in malignant tissue, which would give a contrasting outlook in comparison to absorption done by healthy tissue. Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry is usually prescribed as a fixed activity adjusted for body mass. The process is carried for benign diseases, malignant diseases including therapy for cancer types. Treatment decisions for bone metastases are carried by molecular radiotherapy dosimetry. The amount of radiation required per body mass is derived from molecular radiotherapy dosimetry and requires certain infrastructure necessities to carry this method.The industry has seen some recent developments over the period as MIM SurePlan MRT from MIM Software Inc. recently received FDA approval on January 16, 2019, which is a molecular radiotherapy dosimetry software programmed to work on different platforms. There are many government initiatives present working in collaboration with different bodies to model out research projects on molecular radiotherapy dosimetry systems.

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Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry is a joint research project within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). This venture brings together metrology and nuclear medicine. Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry has emerged as one of the most important factors before radiation therapy, a therapy which is used in primary treatment for cancer tumors. Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry support is a brief affair that comes into consideration when radiation treatment is recommended to a patient. It is basically a software market which has very limited market players and most of the molecular radiotherapy dosimetry software’s used are compatible with a range of radiation devices and come with limited license period. This reflects the importance of Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry leaving a deep opportunity for manufacturers leading the race in radiation therapy devices to be a part of this industry by engaging in their own compatible set of molecular radiotherapy dosimetry software’s.

There are global factors that could also affect the molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market, like the effects with per capita and flexible incomes increasing in global space helps in emerging healthcare infrastructures to invest in such prominent healthcare needs. Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry put forward a very important characteristic of identifying the amount of radiation a particular organ can absorb. They are very highly regarded in research facilities to identify the most accurate dosage pattern for tumors, these characteristics of molecular radiotherapy dosimetry would lead this market to expand in the near future .

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The global market for Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry is segmented on the basis of technology, end user and geography.

Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry Market: Segment by Technology

  • Cloud Based
  • In-House Based

Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry Market: Segment by End User

  • Hospitals
  • Cancer research centers
  • Research Laboratories

The global Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry market is segmented by technology, end user and geography. Based on technology type, the global molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market is segmented into Cloud Based and In-House Based systems. Where cloud based molecular radiotherapy dosimetry system is more promisingly used on a global level with more of the information technology moved to a cloud platform which allows mobile interface and exchange of data, in this case, images and calculations required for proper dosage pattern for radiation. The in-house system is an old technology that can be used within limited working space. This segment has factors limiting it to grow as compared to its modern cloud based counterpart. Based on the end user, the molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market is segmented into hospitals, cancer research centers, and research laboratories. Where the research laboratories tend to work on different principles of drug reaction through this molecular radiotherapy dosimetry, and cancer research centers work on actual patient treatment through this molecular radiotherapy dosimetry by identifying actual dosage requirements for radiation therapy.

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On the basis of regional presence, North America leads the molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market due to the presence of leading manufacturers in the region. Where the U.S. is the country with maximum incremental opportunity for molecular radiotherapy dosimetry over the period. Manufacturers are targeting developed markets due to high adoption of advanced technology which would lead to a parallel growth in molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market. Asia Pacific is the second most promising market for molecular radiotherapy dosimetry, due to growing positive healthcare infrastructure present in the region supporting the need and prevalence of cancer cases.

Some of the major players in the molecular radiotherapy dosimetry market are,

  • MIM Software Inc.
  • DOSIsoft SA
  • Novartis International AG
  • Mirada Medical Ltd
  • Ashland

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