June 4, 2020

Acetaminophen Reagents Market Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Growth During Forecast 2019-2029

Acetaminophen reagents are specific drug testing reagents are utilized in the determination of excess amount of Acetaminophen drug content in the blood sample. The Acetaminophen reagents is also utilized in determining level of drug and is an important measure in treatments and dose management in critical renal failure patients. Several manufacturing companies across Acetaminophen Reagents industry are in the course of developing advanced Acetaminophen Reagents reasoning to testing background it provides over the traditional enzyme reagent.

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Although, OTC medication doesn’t fall under regulatory circle of FDA, but FDA ordered a mandate in 2009 for the reduction of strength of the Acetaminophen medications, stringent regulation and guideline for correct dosing is anticipated to propel the demand for acetaminophen testing and subsequently fueling the market growth for Acetaminophen reagents. The manufactures in the Acetaminophen reagents market are thriving on growth opportunities formed by limited presence of key player in the market and every other manufacture is rebuilding their strategies to carve out maximum share in the Acetaminophen reagents market.

The major driving factor for growth of acetaminophen reagents market is continuously increasing incidences of drugs overdose and wide adoption of acetaminophen testing, owning to rising inclination towards OTC drugs promoting the drug use. As per data published in journal of hepatology acetaminophen overdose causes approximately 500 deaths yearly in the United States alone, additionally close to 10,000 hospitalizations per year and 50,000 emergency room visits. The increasing demand for Acetaminophen testing calls for new and advanced regents to tackle the demand for acetaminophen testing, subsequently fueling the growth of the Acetaminophen reagents market.

The increasing use of OTC Acetaminophen in several symptomatic treatment is estimated to increase the volume for Acetaminophen testing and anticipated create significant demand for Acetaminophen Reagents. Thereby, aiding the growth of Acetaminophen reagent market. The growing product adoption from pathology centers and hospitals in anticipated to witness steady revenue generation in the Acetaminophen reagent market. However, high parity in strength associated with acetaminophen reagents is projected to impede the growth of the Acetaminophen Reagents market.

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The global Acetaminophen Reagents market is segmented on the basis of product type, Application, End Users, and Geography:

  • Acetaminophen Reagents market Segmentation by Product Type
    • Antibody/Substrate Reagent
    • Enzyme Reagent
    • Acetaminophen Antiserum
    • Acetaminophen Fluorescein Tracer
    • Pretreatment Solution
  • Acetaminophen Reagents market Segmentation by Application
    • enzymatic assays
    • immunoassay
  • Acetaminophen Reagents market Segmentation by End User
    • Hospitals
    • Diagnostics Laboratories
    • POC Testing
    • Forensic Laboratories

The global Acetaminophen Reagents market is estimated to profit from on the lucrative growth opportunity formed by increasing cases of abusive Acetaminophen use coupled with rising emergency room visits reasoning to heavy Acetaminophen toxicity. The recent technological advancement in immunoassay based Acetaminophen Reagents to offer more advantage over enzymatic assay is anticipated to increases Acetaminophen Reagents sales and witness steady revenue generation in the Acetaminophen Reagents Market.

The key players in the Acetaminophen Reagents market are focused on providing high quality of acetaminophen reagents both in the immunoassay testing and enzymatic assay anticipating to increase the viability of Acetaminophen Reagents and subsequently drive the growth of Acetaminophen reagents market. The increasing install base of advanced chemistry analyzers such as Siemens Healthcare ADVIA 2400 chemistry system is anticipated to drive the sales of Acetaminophen Reagents fueling the growth of the acetaminophen reagents market.

Geographically, global acetaminophen reagents market is segmented into seven key regions viz. Europe, Latin America, North America, South Asia, East Asia, Middle East & Africa and Oceania. North America dominates the overall acetaminophen reagents market reasoning to higher adoption of acetaminophen testing and higher product penetration.

Advancement in toxicity testing and critical care facilities, increase awareness about OTC drug abuse, increase in awareness about drug induced toxicity and stringent government policies have improved the regulatory scenario for global acetaminophen reagents market in North America. Moreover South Asia region is anticipated to show substantially higher market growth rate due to increasing patient pool opting for OTC acetaminophen and low awareness about dosing. The East Asia acetaminophen reagent market is anticipated to show a steady growth benefiting from presence of local manufacturers in the region.

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Some of the major key players competing in the global Acetaminophen Reagents Market are,

  • Randox Laboratories Ltd
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Abbott Diagnostics International
  • Sekisui
  • Siemens Healthcare GmbH
  • Rapid Detect Inc.
  • American Screening Corporation