June 12, 2022

How to conduct a quiz?

What is a quiz and why is it needed?

A quiz is a type of discord activity. You are running a quiz in which participants answer questions.

You can make a small prize for the winner (for example, 1 USDT or just leave him reactions under the art)
The prize is optional, but if it is, then the activity will increase significantly

Your goal is to have as many people as possible participate in your quiz and make all of these people leave feedback after the quiz

What do quizzes look like?

An example of a sports quiz:

1. A man announces that a quiz will begin soon and warms up people

2. Announces the beginning of the quiz and its rules. Tells what the quiz will be about, how many questions there will be and who will get a point for the correct answer

3 . Asks a question. Only the first person to answer the question gets a point.

Be careful, sometimes members cheat and edit their posts after the correct answer

4 . after that,the person who first answered the question receives a point and his nickname is entered in the scoreboard

5 . then the quest continues until the questions run out

6. At the end, the results are summed up and the winner is revealed.

7. The winner is announced. You need to write thanks to all participants and ask them to write their feedback. You can also note the moderators.

8. Ask participants to leave feedback and save a screenshot of positive feedback to post the result of the work done later

How to prepare a quiz?

The quiz can be on any topic. Cinema, sports, crypto, books, nature, games and so on.

1. Come up with 10-15 questions in advance and answer options for them

2. Announce the rules and ask for reactions under the post to raise the activity

3 . Ask questions, mark the winner and make a SCOREBOARD

4 . At the end, announce the winners and ask for feedback

5 . Ask for feedback and save screenshots of how you conducted the quiz

6. Then post the result of the work done in a special channel and mark the moderators

7. If your quiz was attended by people who have a whitelist or OG, then ask them to leave a review under your results (perhaps they will answer you and leave a review)

8 . Use BOLD font to make your posts visible!
To do this, select the text and press CTRL+B

Or put 2 stars on both sides so that the text looks like this: