July 3, 2020

About me

Now for me the Gestalt approach — not just the direction of psychotherapy where I run their own psycho-therapeutic practice. Here is the doctrine of my own life, a means of understanding ourselves and the Earth, how you interact with yourself and other people!I am happy that I chose this profession. In my opinion, the job of the psychologist has to be love. When it's not love to remain in this informative article quite tricky. On the other hand, the work isn't simple, and not necessarily, I feel pride and pleasure out of their job. From time to time, I feel different spectrum of feelings, which range from bitterness, end with anger. However, this lifetime, and also for me it is crucial to experience all feelings and emotions, not block them rather than try to escape from them. In the end, you can't escape yourself! 

In the beginning, the practice of Gestalt strategy was given to me difficult. To groups Gestalt treatment and needed a good deal of dynamic processes, the significance of which was then not clear to me. We talked a lot about relationships and locating them socialized with each other, learn to take care of anxiety and to not dismiss the group space.About a year after the start of the group, I went to personal treatment. And on their own experience convinced of the effectiveness of the direction. My life began to occur the desirable changes. There's a consciousness and comprehension of where I'm going, what I want. 

Hi!My title is Pauline and today I am a Gestalt psychologist,however really graduated from University with a diploma in PR Manager.As far as I could remember, I enjoyed psychology.BUT since I live in a small city where the profession isn't valued,poorly paid,there is no specific chances,the only location where you are in demand this is a school. In the long run, decided that the PR suits me best. Then I wrote to the school paper and the Internet a number of my works https://otvetnavse.com/,  participated in the company of various events. Attempting to make it my job could be entertaining, besides there is a good deal of psychology. Following graduation, I got to become PR Manager. .In this place I worked for approximately ten decades,doing what was done in the big urban endeavors,but inside the soul isn't happy. Then had to depart,to change profession and entered into the University on a Gestalt psychologist