December 31, 2019

High Protein Coffee Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2014-2020

High protein coffee is a brewed drink prepared by mixing or blending coffee beans and protein powder. Most of the high protein coffees are prepared by mixing Arabica beans in protein powder. Demand for high protein coffee is tremendously growing among consumers all over the world as everyone loves the refreshing taste of the coffee. The manufacturers have innovated high protein coffee targeting health conscious, and fitness freaks demographics. High protein coffees are available in the market in ready to drink and in the premixed form.

High protein coffee contains around 15-17 % of protein per 25 grams serving. High protein coffee can be considered as an alternative to protein powders with a delicious, refreshing taste of coffee. The high protein coffee can be consumed pre or post workout as it is a moderate digesting product. A trend of bodybuilding is on boost globally and to build body or muscle protein is an essential nutrient hence, bodybuilders are consuming protein-rich foods which in turn, expected to drive the high protein coffee market in the near future.

Also, some flavors of high protein coffee such as vanilla, mocha, and chocolate are available in the market. The consumption of high protein coffee is expected to be high in Japan, USA, France, Italy, and Germany as the demand for normal coffee is already high in these regions. A large amount of coffee is exported to India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, and Brazil. There is a large potential for further growth in emerging countries such as China, Turkey, Russia, and South Korea. Many manufacturers are providing high protein coffee with the certification of vegetarian, gluten-free, and soy free to enhance their consumer base.

The global high protein coffee market is evolving due to the increasing trend of muscle building. Hence, many supplement and health and fitness products manufacturers are focusing on this product. Some of the major manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global high protein coffee market are Chike Nutrition., Grenade (UK) Ltd, Scitec Nutrition, TrueNutrition, QuestNutrition, MuscleFood Ltd., Herbalife International of America, Inc., Sport Kitchen. By considering the increasing demand for high protein coffee, many other manufacturers are showing a keen interest in high protein coffee.

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The growing trend of fitness and muscles building among consumers is the factor which is escalating the demand for high protein coffee all over the world. The growing demand for high protein coffee comes from younger consumers as the trend of consuming coffee is increasing among younger consumers. There is a great opportunity for high protein coffee manufacturers to launch their products in different flavors. Also, there is an opportunity for new entrants in the market to launch ready to drink high protein coffee and with different flavors. The manufacturers should focus on emerging countries like India and China as the demand for high protein coffee is expected to be high in these regions due to the increasing trend of muscles building. So, by these factors, it is expected that the High Protein Coffee market will grow positive during the upcoming years.