December 3, 2019

Melon Seed Market – Increasing Trends of Own Lawn and Gardens in Residential & Commercial Construction 2018 - 2026

The increasing obesity level and rising concern for health have occupied the minds of consumers. People have become conscious about their eating habits fueling the demand for healthy foods. Majority of the population across the globe opts for food products with fewer calories but rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. One such product is fruit and vegetable seeds which have procured the acceptance among the consumers due to their dense nutrient content.

The evolution in the market has shepherded the development of different types of seeds such as: apple seeds, cucumber seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond seeds among others. Among these melon seeds lay a pivot role due to the multi-benefit profile and easy availability contributing to the growth of global melon seeds market to an impressive extent. Currently, the demand for melon seeds have high demand in bakery, desserts, and others as it contains unsaturated fats and higher fiber content.

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Melon seeds have high demand in food processing especially for making traditional desserts. These seeds have numerous health benefits such as: boosting the immunity, normalizing blood-fat levels, weight loss and contribute to the wound healing process. The omega-3 fatty acids and rich protein content play a vital role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from the health benefits, melon seeds are highly recommended in the cosmetic products due to the ability to stimulate cell growth and maintaining suppleness of skin.

The phytochemical and anti-microbial activity of the melon seeds makes them a nexus ingredient for the elimination of bacterial infection. Over the past few years, the demand for melon seeds has increased widely in the APAC mainly in: India, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia. The growing consumer awareness regarding the benefits from melon seeds has augmented its market value at a global level.

Some of the key players operating in the global melon seed market are: Cronus Seeds, Yuksel Tohum A.S., Sakata Seed Corporation, Ahern Seeds, Limagrain, East-West Seed, Nunhems, HaZera seeds, United Genetics, Semilas Fito, Syngenta, Origene Seeds, among others.

  • Go Raw, a California based company has developed a range of protein bars from watermelon seeds. The company claims it to contain 12g protein with calories below 250 and in different flavors sweetened with a mix of organic dates.
  • East-West Seed, a Thailand based company discovered a new variety of melon seeds called ‘Royal Alexia series’. The company launched this special seed specifically for exciting its customers as the melon has a faster maturity period than other melons thus, attracting the customers.

Melon seeds offer profuse benefits be it in the healthcare, food or cosmetic sector. In the underway era of a healthy lifestyle, melon seeds have swept its way into the market. Therefore, the participants need to forge their way especially into North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific countries as it has wide applications in food, cosmetics and personal care industry.