December 11, 2019

Dandelion Root Extract Market Is Expected To Show A Substantial Growth With A Single Digit In Cagr

Taraxacum commonly called as Dandelion is a garden weed which exceptionally possess innumerable health benefits including liver health, kidney health, digestive health etc. This plant was traditionally used in ancient times to cure cancer and tumors. Dandelion leaf is used in salads and tea while roots are sometime used as coffee substitute. Dandelion root extract is also well known for its therapeutic use. Dandelion root extract possess various anti-oxidants and improve circulatory flow in the body. It also act as anti-inflammatory, and bile stimulatory factor, which improves digestive system, and immune response of the body.

Dandelion root extract Market is although a very niche market, it is expected to grow because people have started to opt for herbal products rather than mainstream (allopathic) products. Dandelion root extract also act as diuretic, helping person to remove extra fluids, and regularizing kidney health. Dandelion root extract can be found alone or along with supplements or other herbs in liquid extracts, teas, capsules or tablets.

Dandelion Root Extract Market: Segmentation

This Dandelion Root Extract is generally brown colored fine powder, or possess grainy texture. Dandelion Root Extract is used as herbal alternative for regulating kidney and digestion health. It also contains vitamins A, C and K. Dandelion Root Extract Market is segmented on the basis of product form, applications, variety and region.

On the basis of product form, Dandelion root extract market is segmented into dry powdered extract form, liquid extract form and semisolid or granular extract form.

Dandelion root extract market, on the basis of applications is segmented into herbal medicines, tea, and dietary supplements (gym). The Dandelion root extract is used as an ingredient in these products.

Depending on the variety, Dandelion root extract market is segmented into Organic Dandelion root extract and conventional Dandelion root extract. According to the trend, Organic products are preferred more in the market, hence organic Dandelion root extract is witnessing preference in the market.

Dandelion Root Extract Market: Drivers, Restraints and Trends

Dandelion plant possess innumerable benefits, including digestion and kidney health, along with its anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties. This plant also doesn’t require any great attention to grow, and can generally be grown in any climatic condition. All these aspects seems to drive the Dandelion root extract Market globally.

Dandelion root extract Market is driven by the factor that dandelion roots requires minimal processing to form Dandelion root extract.

Less awareness among the population about Dandelion root extract could be considered as a restraining factor.

Herbal products are trending now a days globally, specifically in North America and Europe, hence it would be a key trend for Dandelion root extract Market. Gymnastics are trending globally, hence it could drive the market because diuretics are used by body builders and Dandelion root extract stimulates urinal process.

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Depending on the geographic regions, Global Dandelion root extract Market is segmented into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC and MEA.North America holds the largest share of Dandelion root extract Market followed by Europe. Latin America also possess a large Dandelion root extract Market.

In Asia Pacific region, china is the leading producer and consumer. Rest of the Asia Pacific Dandelion root extract Market is expected to grow during the forecast period because people are opting for herbal products. Middle East and Africa is expected to grow in forecast period.

Population around the globe is getting aware about the health benefits and products of Dandelion root extract.The recent trend is people are looking for more health beneficiary herbal products.

Key global market players producing Dandelion root extract Market include Whole Herb Company, Liberty Natural Products, Inc., Bristol Botanicals Limited, Nature’s Way Products, LLC, Traditional Medicinals, Now Foods, Natural Factors Inc., and few regional players.