October 29, 2020

DENTAL CARIES: Overview, causes, prevention, complications and treatment

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How sugar affects dental caries?

Causes of dental caries

Prevention against dental caries

Complication in dental caries

Possible dental caries treatment

Medication for dental caries



Dental caries or cavities are widely known as tooth decay, which is caused because of breakdown of the tooth enamel. When we eat food then the bacteria present on our teeth produces acid and breakdown the food, this acid can destroy tooth enamel and result into tooth decay.

Dental caries can also lead you to a small hole in your teeth and afterwards it can result into teeth loss. People of all age group can get affected by this disease. When the babies are affected by this then that is called baby bottle tooth decay.


Sugars are one of the major factor which contributes to dental caries. Dental caries is developed when the bacteria present in the mouth starts metabolizing sugars to produce acid, this acid demineralizes the hard tissues of the teeth and lead you toward tooth decay.

Sugar-sweetened beverages, dairy products, cakes, biscuits, toffee, chocolates, fruit based sweetened drinks, 100% fruit juices, sweetened cereals, sweet desserts, honey, Sucrose, syrups are the major source of sugar in our diet.

If you limit your sugar intake by less than 10% of total energy intake then it can reduce the risk of dental caries and eventually you can reduce the amount of sugar by 5% slowly to avoid more risk.

Consumption of fluoridated water and proper nutritious diet can protect you from dental caries.


·         Plaque forms: Eating lot of sugars and starch forms a thin sticky film around teeth, when it is not cleaned properly it forms dental plaque. Bacteria starts feeding on the layer and forms plaque. If plaque stays for very long on teeth untreated then it may cause tartar. Tartar make a shield for bacteria and it becomes hard to treat them.

·         Plaque attacks: Tooth’s hard and outer enamel is demineralized by the acids in plaque. Once the enamel is affected too much, it can lead you to dentin which is the next level of plaque, it can cause tiny holes and opening in the tooth which can lead you to cavity. Dentin is attached to the enamel nerve which causes sensitivity in teeth if not treated properly. Here the first level of cavity develops.

·         Untreated plaque: When the plaque is left untreated in its first stage it begins to spread throughout the enamel, pulp and blood vessels of your teeth. It can result into nerve pain since the nerves gets pressurized when bacteria enters around them. It can irritate your teeth and nerve.


·         Good oral health: Brush regularly and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Brush at least twice a day to avoid plaque or dental caries.

·         Brush with fluoride tooth paste: Brushing with toothpaste which contains fluoride works as a protective shield against bacteria. One should brush their teeth with this paste twice a day and especially after having meal.

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·         Regular check-ups: Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleaning of your teeth which will prevent almost all kinds of tooth disease. You can also ask for a healthy schedule for your teeth.

·         Tap water: Along with mineral water you should also drink tap water sometimes since mineral water do not contain fluoride. Drinking tap water gives body fluoride which gives you good oral health.

·         Avoid excessive sugary foods: Items that contain high amount or sugar or sucrose should be avoided since it creates a thin layer where bacteria can develop. Avoid sweetened beverages, 100% fruit juice etc.


·         Pain

·         Tooth abscess

·         Damage or broken teeth

·         Chewing problems

·         Swelling around the tooth

·         Weight loss

·         Tooth loss


·         Fillings: In this procedure doctors remove the deposited material in the cavity by drilling and use appropriate filling as per as the problem. Composite resin is the most common filling material to treat cavities.

·         Root canal: When the tooth decay reaches to the roots of tooth that is to the nerves, then root canal procedure takes place.

·         Crowns: When a large proportion of tooth is destroyed by the dental caries then doctors put alloy covering in the form of crown.

·         Extraction: In some cases when the tooth defect becomes out of control, then extraction of that tooth is the only option.


Some common medicines for dental caries are:

·         Penicillin

·         Amoxicillin

·         Metronidazole

·         Acetaminophen

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In short, we can say that it can be prevented by following given tips and brushing regularly. Don’t ignore the cavity at its first stage to prevent the tooth extraction. Follow a healthy schedule and go for check-up at regular intervals. Be positive be healthy.