October 30, 2020

Menstruation: a guide

What is menstruation?

It is a process in which blood comes out of girl’s vagina which signifies that the girl is reaching to the end of puberty. Girls generally get their period at 10 to 14 years of age. It is a monthly cycle, periods occurs every month. In the beginning it is not essential that it is regular it can be irregular. After sometimes it gets regular itself. Periods come because of change in hormones in the body. This process is controlled by two hormones estrogen and progesterone. In this process a thick lining of uterus is formed which means that it is ready to fertilized but when it doesn’t get sperm to fertilize, the wall breaks down and comes out in form of blood which is called menstruation. Periods stop during pregnancy because body needs that thick lining during pregnancy.

Periods lasts for 4-5 days in general.

When do girls get their periods?

·         Girls get their periods in midway of their puberty or may be before or later than that, it doesn’t have any fixed time.

·         There is no way of knowing when periods will exactly come.

·         Generally girls get their periods around 10 to 14 years of age.

·         Before getting periods some girls experience PMS which stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. In this stage a girl can experience:

i.                     Mood swings

ii.                   Frustration

iii.                  Can get pimples

iv.                 Feeling worried without any accurate reason

v.                   Anxiety

vi.                 Anger issues

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It is a natural process which occurs in every woman in which women stop getting their periods and it happens during the age of 45 to 50 years generally in women. Menopause in women signifies that she cannot get pregnant anymore.

Irregular periods, mood swings, bad mood, dryness in vagina can be felt by a woman before their menopause.


There are some problems that girls face during pregnancy. This is not necessary that every girl will experience it. But, it is experienced by most of the girls during pregnancy.

i.                     CRAMPS: it is the most common experience during periods. In this women feel immense pain in lower belly and lower back. It can start before your periods and can last for 3-4 days or throughout the bleeding. For this amount of time it is normal but if it lasts longer than that then you should see your doctor. You can also use hot water bag which you can grab from India’s best online pharmacy store 3MEDS.

ii.                   MOOD SWINGS: Girls can feel low and rise in her moods as per as the hormones. She can feel irritated and frustrated during this period without any reason. Sometimes you can have anger issues.

iii.                  NAUSEA: A hormone named Prostaglandin is released during period through bleeding and if in case some of this can get into the bloodstream then a girl may feel nausea, vomiting, and headaches etc.

iv.                 IRREGULAR PERIOD: in the beginning it is quite normal but it should not be the case after one year. That is not considered healthy for a woman.

Doctors often prescribe birth control pills in irregular periods which you can get from 3MEDS, online pharmacy store in India.

v.                   PERIODS ODOUR: It’s a normal phenomenon in which odour comes out from girl’s vagina. It can led to itching sometimes. You don’t need to be panic, just wash your vagina with luke warm water and never use soap or any other chemical products. Soap or other products can disturb the Ph balance of vagina.


To be safe from various disease or problems girls should maintain hygiene. There are some important hygiene strategies that a girl should follow-

i.                     Water: Drinking enough amount of water can helps you to get relieve. One should at least drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Wash your vagina with water, it gives relief from itching and irritation

ii.                   Exercise: some people believe that girls should not exercise during period but it isn’t so. Exercising can help to reduce the pain and cramps. It keeps your blood flow active which doesn’t let your stomach to feel bloated.

iii.                  Caffeine should be avoided: caffeine can add to the bloated stomach, pain, cramps and ache. Apart from caffeine carbonated drinks and sweets should also be avoided for a better relief.

iv.                 Go healthy: choose healthy foods during periods. Sodium intake should be low. Processed and packaged food in snacks should be avoided. If you want to have sweet then you can go for dark chocolates in a limited amount which can help in balancing your mood.

v.                   Reusable pads: If you are using reusable pads then it should be washed very properly and carefully otherwise it can led to infection spread in your vagina.

vi.                 Two pads: many girls use two pads by sticking it to one another, which is a wrong thing to do. Girls do this because of overflow but it can led to spread of infections.


Birth control pills are generally advised by Doctors during periods.

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To lower the effect of prostaglandins hormone treatments are also used as treatment. It helps to stabilize your hormones and you will experience less pain and menstrual cramps.