How Netflix and Foreign Tv Programs are bringing the World closer

As the enormous boom and success of foreign TV shows accross the local and foreign streaming channels accelerated during COVID quarantine. Its spectral to witness how these mediums become representative of emerging global culture, with unique aspects of character differences.

It was the obvious combination of sofa and TV remote that makes our fingers restlessly move during the lockdown.

The rankings start to sore and every one want to stream the recommended show they once heard of like the Money Heist.

This Stylish, and visually alluring series is filled with unexpected turns. Money Heist has the peopled with memorable, complex characters tagged by name of cities such as Denver and Nairobi. With all the good guys bad guys dressed in the striking uniform of red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali mask.
It combines the cerebral thrill of a heist with a very pungent Latino vibe.

There is no singe success story, German show of Babylon Berlin, Norwegian Wisting and Italy's Gomorrah are all tops in the ranks again and mostly in English speaking nations.

Coupled with the launch of popular shows scheduled before like Brooklyn 99, Westworld, How to get away with murder, Defending Jacob to just a name a few. All becomes the most in-demand series of these times.

The overall binge watching of foreign language content from all across the world is not quite expressed as English content but the stats shown 86% increase in all such content.

Streaming companies do not release demographic breakdowns, so it's difficult to know exactly how the intuitive counter-spreading of global viewing affects politics.

With TV spreading into the seemingly limitless digital space, content of every kind was required. And as large platforms like Netflix , Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu or Disney+ opened up in countless territories around the world, they needed to feed their new audiences with near-home content.

Perhaps watching foreign TV and film in these quarantine times will become the only international journeys we can make.

Watching a version of alien lives abroad, viewers will either learn about and understand their differences, or note that, in reality, even when sitting on their sleek Danish benches, cooking in rustic Belgian kitchens, or fighting sci-fi forces with foreign accents, the interior lives of these characters are not that special.

Either way, it’s a win.