January 5, 2021

This writer's bathroom has bright

One of the most overlooked and an underrated room in the house when it comes to dcor is the bathroom. This little room has so many wonderful possibilities when it comes to dcor that it is amazing it is not written about more than it is. You can do things with your bathroom dcor that you simply cannot do in other rooms of the house. Themes are not only possible but are welcomed and encouraged in bathroom dcor. Here are just a few of the things that you can do in your bathroom Theme it out Materials shake up Carpets or rugs Showers and Windows Paint or TileBathroom Themes Are FunWhat is a bathroom without a little theme?

Fish is a popular, if overdone theme that always goes over well. This writer's bathroom has bright and colorful fish, starfish, turtles, and sea horse plaques on the walls with glittering sparkles all over them that catch the light and play it back. Next to the fish, super glued to the wall, are marbles that take the appearance of bubbles rising from the fish's mouths.Match Window And ShowerWithout a theme, it is a boring room.

If your bathroom has a window, your curtains, shower curtains, and decorative art can all match to create a working theme that will delight your guests as they admire all the artifacts that tie in together. Matching the patterns and scenes between your curtains and liners is easily done and you can always go with a matching solid color for the custom window dressings-if need be.The Bathroom Material FestThere are so many materials that you can use in your bathroom including tiles, cork floor patches, mosaic glass, and even bamboo to make your bathroom a diverse and interesting place to be.

(A shower rod made from or wrapped in bamboo is a fun and creative addition to your bathroom.) Linoleum is inexpensive and waterproof if laid and treated correctly. You can cut out one or two foot lengths and replace them with cork that is easy on the Wholesale Tile Insert Floor Drain Manufacturers feet. Ceramic tile comes in so many wonderful patterns that it is actually fun to work with. Mosaic glass behind sinks and toilets look great and show what kind of careful planning went into this, the forgotten room.Is Carpet A Good Idea Or BadMany people are going with carpet in the bathroom. While this is a daring move, it is much easier on the feet.

The downside to carpet is that it promotes mold when wet and will take on an odor. Carpet, however, is much warmer than any other type of floor and can be a fun and colorful change to the standard, as long as you are willing to shampoo it often. Experts suggest that if you must use carpet, leave a two-foot linoleum or tile area around the toilet, sink, and shower, and lay your carpet in the middle of the room and high traffic areas. Speaking of which, area rugs look great in the bathroom and come in all the rights sizes and colors.Paint Is Much More FunYour shower walls can be either paint or tile. Paint is much more fun because it can be changed as often as one wish to paint. One great idea is to paint the bathroom in halves.

That is to say, the lower half of bathroom walls can be done in the color of wet sand and the upper half, the half that would support your ceramic fish and other decorations, would look great in ocean blue. This supports your theme beautifully.Have Fun In The BathPaint or tile, carpet or tile, window or no, the bathroom is a fun room in which to play with your d茅cor skills and is always a treat for guests who enjoy themes. It is the most fun of any room in the home that you will have decorating so get creative and enjoy yourself.