February 4, 2021

Should we handle our own PR or engage an agency?

Should we handle our own PR or engage an agency?

Public Relations (PR) is about communicating with your target audience. Depending upon your company, you may have lots of people to communicate with or just a few. Whether you handle your own PR or engage an agency depends on your budget and objectives.

To carry out your own PR, you need resources in-house, either an existing staff member who has experience with online PR or by recruiting a new member of staff.

If you have the budget but no time, the best solution is to engage a PR agency that can achieve results in an efficient and effective manner. Because they have the experience, PR agencies can provide additional benefits, such as identifying suitable online areas quickly to post PR to reach your target audience and measuring results.

If you have time but no budget, you need to decide:

• What you want to achieve (your Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed objectives).

• Who your target audience is.

• What your target audience is reading.

• Which websites your target audience uses and how.

Some staff training may be needed if you are going to manage your own PR. You need to consider:

• What’s your policy for talking to journalists?

• Who can talk to journalists and will they be available out of hours?

• Do you have photos available?

PR agencies have vast experience and know what will and won’t work. Even if you are considering managing your own PR, do speak to an agency to get a second opinion.