July 22, 2020


We offer classes for English speaking course online that are designed to develop. The institute follows the methodical as well as an integrated teaching approach. Pragna spoken English teaches its students to understand the language and express their thoughts.

1. One-Stop institute

We not only prepare the students to speak English fluently but also guides and handhold the aspirants of IELTS by providing useful tips. With courses designed specifically to improve one’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, a student is well-prepared to face these challenging competitive exams.

2. Huge Coverage

Our network of students not only caters to the diverse needs of school or college- going children but also expands to include employees of private and Governmental organizations, housewives, stay-at-home moms – basically anyone who wants to learn spoken English.

The importance of the English language today world

It is becoming one of the most dominant languages in the world and has an influence on every field.

Commonly spoken language: Over 400 million native speakers and approximately 1.6 billion people speak and understand this language globally. This makes it an obvious reason to learn the language

Most commonly used in schools: Since many careers and job opportunities are available abroad, students learn English in schools from childhood. All most all schools are English medium. If some students are talking in hind so they get punished. So English is very important in school and colleges also.

Career Opportunities: Learning English helps you to pursue career opportunities abroad. As the local market today has grown globally relevant, many enterprises rely on employees who can effectively communicate with their clients all over the world in English.


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