Gasoline-Naphtha-Crude-MTBE Market Predicted to Rise at a Lucrative CAGR throughout 2016 - 2024

The global gasoline-naphtha-crude-MTBE market is witnessing an exponential surge in its valuation, thanks to the swift expansion in the automotive and the aviation industries and the trend is likely to remain so over the next few years.

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Gasoline, also known as petrol, is a type of fuel, widely utilized in internal combustion engines, whereas crude is the unprocessed form of petroleum. Flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures are termed as naphtha while MTBE is a gasoline additive, which is volatile, highly flammable, and colorless. Although it exists in a liquid form, it is sparingly soluble in water. The main application of MTBE is to increase octane number, and hence, it is mostly used as oxygenate in order to raise the oxygen content of gasoline. Owing to the rising concerns over the adverse effect of gasoline-naphtha-crude-MTBE on the environment and subsequent ban on the usage of MTBE in developed countries, their consumption is likely to reduce to some extent in the coming years, creating a hindrance in the growth trajectory of this market.

On the basis of its historical and current performance, this report presents a detailed assessment of the worldwide gasoline-naphtha-crude-MTBE market. The opportunities and growth prospects of this market have also been examined thoroughly in this study to identify the market’s future status.

  • Global Gasoline-Naphtha-Crude-MTBE Market: Trends and Opportunities

Gasoline market in Europe is on an unprecedented buying spree due to the production cut in Brazil and Venezuela. However, the purchasing appetite for gasoline from within the region is moderate.

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A gasoline-glut has been formed in Europe, therefore, participants in this region are keen on exporting volumes to West Africa and the U.S. to keep stocks in balance. Gasoline export to the U.S., however, is under pressure comparing to the recent years due to the enduring shale revolution in the economy.

As the crude in North America gets lighter, the overall demand for gasoline from the U.S. has begun to decline. Although events of refinery outage may uptick the demand for European gasoline in the coming years.