September 17, 2019

Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Assessment – Latest Insights on Trends and Challenges

The blow fill seal technology market is estimated to witness prolific growth during the 2018-2027 period. Growing demand for efficient packaging solution in pharmaceuticals and F&B industries is estimated to be the key factor driving the growth of the blow fill seal technology market. Blow fill seal technology’s precision and accuracy in the development in unit dosage packaging is a vital reason that is causing its widespread adoption in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Blow fill seal technology is enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers in improving the flexibility of ampoules, bottles, vials, and prefilled syringes and injectables. The additional flexibility imparted to the equipment by the means of blow fill seal technology provides for convenient transportation reducing the risk of breakage.

The Fact.MR report opines that pharmaceutical companies are gradually shifting towards using flexible raw material such as propylene for packaging of medications using the blow fill seal technology. The notable shift can be attributed to the improved stability, shelf-life, and sterility provided by these materials.

Blow fill seal technology is also gaining traction due to the scope of automation that it allows. The technology equips pharmaceutical manufacturers with the capability to continuously produce unit dose packaging units with minimum production errors and comprehensively low requirement for any human intervention. Single or unit dose packaging is proving increasingly effective in eliminating human error while consuming medications which, in turn, is improving the overall efficacy of treatment.

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Additionally, unit dose packaging is tamper-evident and resistant to heat and cold making blow fill seal containers an effective packaging solution for pharmaceuticals. In addition to this, unit dose packaging is increasingly finding an assortment of applications in various verticals. Cosmetic companies are using the convenient packaging form to hand out samples of their products under elaborate marketing strategies. Numerous businesses are discussing the possibility of leveraging unit packaging for their convenience which is likely to fuel the demand for blow fill seal technology in the foreseeable future.

Sustainability Offered by Blow Fill Seal Technology to Propel Widespread Adoption

In addition to providing a solution to reduce healthcare costs and improving the efficacy of treatment, blow fill seal technology’s sustainable operation augments to the popularity of the technology. Growing concerns about the environment are prompting governments around the world to impose regulations that aim towards the preservation of the environment. Consequentially, companies are looking for solutions that can aid them in improving the sustainability of their operations. Blow fill seal technology consumes less power, aid in the reduction of waste generated during manufacturing, and have a low carbon footprint. Due to these benefits, regulatory frameworks around the world are recommending the integration of blow fill seal technology in the existing production line.

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