Increasing Demand for Securing Integrity of Data and Operational Workflow to Drive Growth of Global Intrusion Detection and Protection System Market

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for distributing the IPS workload across several devices. This demand is growing because a large number of security risks still continue to prevail in different organization. Lacking a strong security system embedded in a network can result in considerable loss of vital information. Unregulated or unmonitored networks can then further widen the risk of intrusion through several malicious attacks on the network systems. Because of such situations, these organizations run the risk of occurring heavy losses. As the requirement for detecting and protecting from malware attacks on network systems increases, the demand for these intrusion detection & protection systems is projected to soar up in the near future.

Increasing Cyber-Attacks to Steal Data is Pushing Adoption of Global Market

Harmful malicious and cyber attacks through several networks is still a considerable challenge for streamlined functioning of different organizations. As the number of these malware threats increases and continues to disturb the overall operations of the systems, these organizations could potentially end up facing huge losses. This has thus been the key driving factor for the increasing growth of the global intrusion detection and protection systems market. These organizations are demanding highly advanced intrusion detection and protection systems in order to preserve the safety and integrity of their confidential and vital data. With the help of these systems, organizations can thus block malicious and suspicious attacks and links. Integrations of these intrusion detection and protection systems thus enables them to have a better control and monitoring over several access paths in the network and maintain its security. All these factors and benefits are thus expected to have a highly positive impact on the overall development of the global intrusion detection and protection systems market.

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Another key trend that has been observed in the global intrusion detection and protection systems market is of their growing demand from large business organizations and government agencies. These prominent end users are increasingly adopting these systems so as to monitor the security of vital data as well as accounts. In addition to this, increasing adoption of these systems helps the government and business firms to curb down the misuse of the provided services and facilities. Such factors are thus being considered to be key for the overall development of the global intrusion detection and protection systems market.

BFSI Segment to Generate Maximum Demand

There are multiple prominent deployment type segments of the global intrusion detection and protection system market. One of the most prominent deployment type segment is of the large enterprise segment. This particular segment is expected to account for the highest share of the revenue in the global market and is projected to continue its dominance in the coming few years.

On the other hand, in terms of application segment, the network based IDS systems are projected to generated maximum revenue in the near future. Naturally, this segment is expected to play an important role in the overall development of the global intrusion detection and protection systems market.

In terms of end use industry, the segment of BFSI is projected to generate maximum demand for these systems. Due to their overall operations with confidential and vital financial data and accounts, this segment is most likely to witness maximum attacks from malicious links. Naturally, the segment is employing high end solutions in order to maintain the integrity of their data and operational workflow.

There are several notable companies that are operating in the global intrusion detection and protection system market. Many of these companies are trying to develop highly advanced products that will cover large number and variety of cyber attacks. Some of the leading companies in the global market are IBM, Trustwave, TippingPoint, Juniper Networks, and McAfee among others.