September 16, 2019

Aircraft Cleaning Chemical Market 2019 | Worldwide Opportunities,Top Manufacturers, Driving Forces, Future Potential 2028

The augmenting aviation sector, coupled with a considerably high number of individuals opting for air travel has been adding transaction to aircraft cleaning chemical market. The International Air Transport Association estimations indicated a 7.6% increase in the global passenger traffic in 2017 – which is more than average annual growth witnessed in the last decade. This is leading to expansion in aircraft fleet size, thereby, increasing the demand for aircraft cleaning chemicals. Fact.MR study foresees robust demand for aircraft cleaning chemicals especially from the defense industry.

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Amid the extremely competitive aviation landscape, airlines have revised their cleaning and maintenance ways to ensure high-quality standards. Further, the growing health awareness, in line with the growing infection risks, due to contaminated passenger seats, is likely to drive traction mainly for disinfectants, among various aircraft cleaning chemicals. Fact.MR report analyzes key factors bringing revenue to the aircraft cleaning chemical market during the study period.

“Aircraft cleaning chemicals market is estimated to witness a restrained growth rate of merely 4.3%, with the demand in volumes expected to surpass 78,500 tons by 2028 end. The market is envisaged to grow on the account of constant demand from airline companies and their shifting strategies to offer a cleaner travel experience to passengers”- finds Fact.MR report.

Paradigm Shift Towards Green Cleaning Solutions Prompting Manufactures to Refurbish Processes to Expand Foothold

Global aircraft cleaning chemicals market is envisaged to remain highly fragmented, with mid-sized players and small scale manufacturers and distributors holding a large part of the market share, while leading market players accounting for a minority share. With the shift in the consumer preference for green chemicals, manufacturers have turned to high-tech non-toxic cleaning solutions, which comply with the global quality standards.

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Global stringent environmental regulations has further propelled manufactures to offer biodegradable, non-toxic, green and long lasting chemicals, including bio based and water based chemicals to gain a competitive edge over the other counterparts. Robust initiatives being taken by manufacturers to eliminate toxic substances, such as Perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene (TCE), and other caustic chemicals, will positively impact the global aircraft cleaning chemical market.

Several manufacturers are also focusing on extending their product offerings by leveraging local infrastructure and local networks, for example, Illinois Tool Works owns roughly 750 decentralized operating units globally, to tap diverse consumer bases. While the report finds some manufacturers rigorously focusing on reinforcing their operations and supply chains in the aircraft cleaning chemicals market, apart from emphasizing the development of technologically-advanced, innovative and cost-effective cleaning products.

Fact.MR report opines that developing regions have been generating favorable sales opportunities, primarily in China and India, which is mainly attributed to the heavy investments in airport development in the recent years, further catalyzed by airport expansion in metro cities, and encouraging government initiatives. North America will continue to remain lucrative for aircraft cleaning chemicals— growing roughly 1.2 times by 2028 end, finds the Fact.MR study.

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Surge in tourist footfall in the ASEAN and SEAP countries will create extensive opportunities for chemical cleaning manufacturers, eying to widen their customer outreach. Fact.MR anticipates significant sales opportunities in Middle East, as the region visibly shifts from gas and oil-based revenues to commerce, trade, tourism, and manufacturing. Further, favorable commercial aviation landscape in Middle East will give manufactures lucrative opportunities to extend customer outreach

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