April 23, 2019

Data Analytics And How To Find It.

With a population of 7.6 billion people in the world and 1.3 billion in India itself comes great accountability as well as a huge amount of data. This data can be anything ranging from images, texts to social web pages ID, a programming code developed by you etc.

Imagine yourself as a single human, for now, how much data as an individual do you use or produce, like how many social IDs do you have, how many photos do you click, every day, how many accounts do you have on how many social media platforms, how many messages do you send every day etc.? You can easily handle your own personal data, but imagine what it would be like to handle the data of almost 7.6 billion people.

What actually Data analyst do?

Like I discussed above, an extensive amount of data is being generated every single day. In simple words, a Data analyst actually traverses through the data generated each day and calculate, sort, process the data to reach meaningful conclusions. Of course, not every Data analyst goes through every data generated. They have the organization which hired them, they have their department divided and they deal with the data related to their field only. For every bit of the Data which comes under them, a Data analyst works for setting up analytics stats on the data to compiling the final report for their organization.

What is required to be a Data Scientist?

First of all, you need guts. It's not easy-peasy, but hard, time taking and full of responsibility. As a Data Analyst, you are responsible for not only your organization but to citizens too whose data you process for the benefit of your institution. However, anyone can be one, you do not need any prerequisite knowledge for it.

Talking about the skills you need to learn is a large list to quote here, however, to give you a feel of it, you need some serious coding skills, preferably in 'R' and python, a serious amount of experience in Apache Hadoop and SQL coding. Machine learning is a must and Data visualization skill can be a cherry on the cake for you.

What should I do now, isn’t it late?

No, it is not, believe me, no age is a barrier in your desire to become a data analyst. Not only age, but your gender, money, status, qualifications and bla-bla, nothing can stop you. You can search on YouTube or other Free learning platforms for courses which can help you in fulfilling your dream. You can also access coaching centers which are now open throughout the nation and are producing good quality Data analysts. They are easy and feasible ways to help you accomplish your dream. There are institutions with proper tutors which are 24x7 ready to help and assist you, whatsoever be the case. Just stay steady and calm and choose the path which your heart feels is right for you.

Resource box:

Confused from the huge list available on the internet with a tag of Data analyst courses. Don’t worry, consider visiting data analytics courses. It’s of great resource if you really want to be a one.

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