November 15, 2021

Написание ревью

Для написания ревью, вам необходимо открыть нужную академию, принять слот и перейти на вкладке Reviews

После этого вам будет показан ряд вопросов касающихся данной академии, на которые вам нужно будет написать свои ответы.

Вопросы могут отличаться от показанных в примерах и на скриншоте*

Каждый ответ должен содержать минимум 2-3 развернутых предложения. Ответы писать строго на английском языке. У кого есть проблемы с языком, то пишем сначала на русском, потом переводим в переводчике и вставляем ответ на английском уже на сайте.

После написания ответов, необходимо будет нажать внизу на кнопку Submit чтобы отправить Ревью на проверку.

Далее будут описаны примерные вопросы и ответы на них для того чтобы вы понимали суть того что можно примерно написать в своих ответах. Просто копировать и вставлять данные ответы не имеет смысла. Вас заподозрят в недобросовестной работе и будет не очень хорошо.

Данные ответы написаны только для примера, чтобы вы понимали как можно написать свой ответы на их основе.

1. What do you think about the courses on how to find bugs on mobile devices in the Academy? What improvements do you suggest?

First of all, I really liked the Academy's courses. Everything is easy enough to present. After passing it became more or less clear and now I think I can work independently applying this knowledge in practice. On account of searching for bugs, I would like to see more examples of the design of real bugs. Sometimes this information is not enough. I think that it would be worth adding some kind of archive with a set of reports, so that people studied them and learned how to properly design bugs.

2. What do you think about the instructions in the overview?

The instructions in the review are a very useful tool for testing. Immediately after accepting the invitation, you can find out all the information about the cycle, read what you can focus on and what you don't need to test. I think it's good that everything is collected in one place. And the description of the cycle, and links to the product being tested and a table with prices, etc. in General, I like the idea of a complete description of the cycle in one place

3. What is your opinion about the courses on how to create screenshots, videos and device logs via mobile devices in the Academy? What improvements do you suggest?

I liked these courses the most, because they are more technical, which is closer to me. When passing the course and studying the theory, there seemed to be no difficulties, everything went smoothly. The only thing that caused problems at first is collecting logs on your Android device. From the first time it was not possible to collect logs, but later I figured it out and everything began to work. I liked that in theory all the links to the tools are presented and you do not need to search for them on the Internet. I think this section of academies doesn't need to be improved. I personally am satisfied with everything

4. What do you suggest on how we can improve the Academy?

After passing the academies, I have a positive opinion about the academies. I don't think they need much improvement. In my opinion they are well thought out and done very well