July 6, 2020

Here are 3 Easy Electric Garage Doors Maintenance Tips for Years of Excellent Garage Door Operation

Electric garage doors provide hassle-free operation and safety to the home. They are also an excellent enhancement to any house since they increase their visual appeal, given that you choose a good-looking one. To ensure that your electric unit will be able to provide satisfactory service for you and your family for the years to come, you should properly maintain it.

Before proceeding with these three steps, you have to make sure that your opener is set for manual operation. Forgetting to do this may lead to dangerous events.

Step 1: Check the door's balance.

Lift the door. It should be able to go up smoothly and with minimal resistance. Your door should be able to maintain a position that is about three to four feet above the floor. If not, call a Professional Masters to have your door's alignment fixed.

Step 2: Inspect your garage door hardware.

First, check your hardware visually. Look at the springs, screws, brackets, etc. and look for any visible signs of damage or any indication that something might be wrong. You should contact a qualified repairman to fix and adjust any of your garage doors hardware if you are not mechanically capable of doing them on your own. Remember, Professional Masters, are there to help 24/7.

Step 3: Clean and lubricate moving parts.

You must clean and lubricate moving parts of electric garage doors to ensure that they continue to work well and enable smooth operation. If your garage door has plastic parts, do not lubricate them. Check your manual for the appropriate maintenance measure.

Maintenance routines for electric garage doors should be done at least once 3 months. The few minutes you will spend with maintenance will give you years of excellent garage door operation. Residential or commercial installations and maintenance or from a broken spring, loose cable, a malfunctioning door opener to a complete replacement, Professional Masters are the number one choice of all as we are the industry innovators and leaders. For best quality, and customized solutions for Garage door services, garage doors supply, installation, and repair, contact Professional Masters, at 1-866-808-4555 today!