February 1, 2021

12 free project management software options to keep your team on

These make it a good option for teams who’ve got to handle leads and contacts along with their projects. Still, scoro provides strong reporting capabilities, resource management options, and a project portfolio management feature, making it a great tool for project managers. Proprofs project doesn’t necessarily have a steep learning curve, but the ui of the workspace could definitely use a revamp in order for regular users to actually enjoy using it. I wouldn’t really categorize proprofs project as being a must-have for a specific industry. Rather it’s the tool you could use when starting out a team or project. Proprofs project is a tool for beginner solopreneurs or small teams that are just starting to get the hang of juggling multiple projects.

It allows team members and managers to organize tasks, collaborate, send out reports, and even invoice their clients. Bear in mind though, the tool is too simple in terms of features so you’ll really only get basic functionalities as proprofs project doesn’t excel at any area. Setting up your business and having just a few team members? You can definitely get the tool for cheap and use it as a website and landing page builder in addition to the crm and project management features. Due to its complexity, this tool remains difficult to get used to and it certainly doesn’t have the friendliest interface which many users describe as “clunky”.

Instead of gantt charts you’ll get their timeline view and the resource scheduler is replaced by a simple workload widget in this app. Just like asana, basecamp is one of the most popular project management tools that’s better suited for teams and not managers.Project Management With missing features such as a resource scheduler, invoicing and budgeting, or limited reporting, basecamp remains strong on the collaboration side of it all. If your team requires advanced project management features, you can opt for the fully featured paid version of the software.

There are also certain specific needs teamwork caters to through their risk register and file versioning options. Yet, its dashboard feature makes it a good fit for managers too. Besides the fun quote, music playlist, and llama farm widgets, these dashboard items work like reports. For sales, team activity, or even bug tracking if you want to.

Currently, teamwork is one of the most complete project management tools , basically a “business operating system”, integrated together to drive efficiency. This tool works for any kinds of users from small and medium teams to enterprises.