March 12, 2020

Manpower Partners in India - Changing the Face of the Expatriate Industry

Manpower Partners in India's (MPI) Indian expatriate community has been at the forefront of building a thriving network and community. Their work at the cutting edge of networking in India is reflected in all areas of their business operation. Each member has been consistently recognized for their dedication to their industry.MPI partners make it their mission to develop lasting connections with each other and the rest of the Indian expatriate community. They are an integral part of the MPI network. Manpower Partners in India members have been acknowledged for their entrepreneurial contributions.Their business structure is unique to that of the Indian expatriate community. In many ways it resembles the model adopted by Indian expatriates who have moved to the United States or the United Kingdom. Some partners have received accolades for their leadership in the field, while others have established successful businesses in a variety of fields.Many of the Manpower Partners in India are considered to be "young expats" by many native Indian immigrants. Most of them immigrated with limited knowledge of English or have little formal education. With the recent resurgence of interest in the English language within the US, they have begun to take their skills abroad and seek employment.The Manpower Partners in India/Nepal is unique among expatriate communities due to the similarities between the two. Both groups started in their home countries, received a Bachelor's Degree and chose to relocate to another country. Both groups began as investors or self-employed individuals who made money before returning home. In each case, they focused on the same core skill and pursued a specific path.The Nepalese expatriate community is a particularly vibrant one. There are roughly thirty million people living in Nepal. The economy there is rapidly growing and large numbers of people are now working abroad as entrepreneurs or on contract basis. Most have now joined the many other Nepalese expatriates who have found their way to India and are working in the same fields as their brothers and sisters back home.This group of Manpower Partners in India/Nepal is taking advantage of the emerging opportunity created by the booming economies of Asia. These countries are on a quest to become major exporters to the rest of the world. The economies of these nations are being driven by highly skilled and educated populations who are willing to relocate for opportunities and the promise of high pay. These economic shifts have resulted in a greater need for new business ideas.The vast majority of the Nepalese expatriates currently working in India have chosen to work as Manpower Partners in India (MPI) members. Their status as MPI members is unique in that they take full responsibility for their career advancement. The entrepreneur has the flexibility to grow as a professional without incurring large financial burdens that might inhibit personal growth.An increasing number of Nepalese expatriates are joining the Manpower Partners in India/Nepal network because of the opportunity it presents. Because of its commitment to "go it alone", they are becoming leaders in their field and are making money doing what they love to do best. By working with India's expatriate community, they are also working with large multinational corporations and developing companies, with the goal of being able to provide a product or service that customers want. This makes them a valuable asset to their field.Manpower Partners in India/Nepal members has become highly sought after recruiters within India's expatriate community. Manpower's orientation towards working with expatriates has helped those potential employees who would like to work in the area. In the past few years, Manpower has been deeply involved in the Indian expatriate community, building partnerships that have helped members find jobs within the industry. Manpower has continued to expand its reach in India by working with expatriates to create new local networks.By focusing on expatriates in India, Manpower has created a unique network that allows its members to provide business services and allow expatriates to provide solutions to Indian expatriates' business needs. Manpower has also provided employment to expatriates who are unemployed or have no connection to the expatriate industry. If a business exists in India that provides a service that an expatriate wants, Manpower partners assist with finding and placing their members within the local partners in india