October 13, 2020

Instructions for starting the cheat

Hello, now I will tell you how to run a cheat for the Cyber ​​Hunter game.

First of all, disable the antivirus or add cheat to exceptions.

The cheat is coded by the free utility "Themida" so that you cannot decompile the source code of the cheat.

If you are afraid that there are viruses - you can read reviews on FunPay, there have never been any complaints about me.

Now download the cheat - CLICK

The archive will contain 2 files, Setup and PVCyber ​​VIP.

We launch Setup, these are the libraries that are needed for the cheat to work, press the "CAI DAT" button and wait for the installation to complete.

Now we move the PVCyber ​​VIP file to any convenient place.

We launch PVCyber ​​VIP.

If this message appears:

Click "No".

This menu will appear:

Insert the key I gave you and press the "CHECK KEY" button.

The menu will change to this:

Ok, now press "START HACK" and start the game.

The following menu will appear in the game:

At the very bottom, click on Language and the language will become English.

By standard, everything is included except for ChamsHack - the color of the characters is red, green or blue.

Aim is activated by the standard when you press the left shift button.

To change, you need to hover over a specific function and press the left mouse button to move the function parameters down or the right mouse button to move up.

f10 - hide cheat.

f9 - show cheat.


Do not do more than 25 kills in a match, the next day you will have an eternal selection of players and you can only play with bots, it will pass exactly in a day.

If something is not clear or will not work, you can always contact me.

If it's not difficult, leave a review after you play, I will be very grateful, thanks.))