July 30, 2020


1. Points - (coins), points for completing intellectual and creative tasks.

2. For the execution of intellectual tasks, coins are awarded to the whole team. 1 task = 1 coin.

3. For completing creative tasks, coins are awarded to each participant. 1 task = 5 coins.

4. At the end of the game, all coins are summed up, the maximum number = 150 coins per team.

5. Coins for an intellectual task are credited after the message sent from the captain to the organizer's telegram https://t.me/questformulla

6. Coins for creative tasks are awarded after the publication of stories in the participant's profile (Instagram or Facebook). Each publication must have the @questformula mark of the organizer and the mark of the sponsor (the one whose task the participant performs).

7. The details of the task are indicated in the task itself and will be available immediately before the start of the game.

8. One participant can publish only one task once. Thus, the participant who completed all the creative tasks must make 7 publications with the mark of the organizer and sponsors (for specific tasks) in his Facebook or Instagram profile.

9. Publications not marked by the organizer and sponsors are not valid.

10. Creative tasks must be completed during the game.

11. Stores published after the announcement of “stop-games” are not counted.