X GAMES & Motion Design

Hello everyone!

My name is Raf

If you are here, then you are fond of extreme sports and are interested in news in this sphere like me.

Everyone, who rides a skateboard, BMX, or snowboard is aware of  competition, that is known as X Games. Therefore, I will not waste your time with idle chatter. In short, I decided to make a 3D video about X GAMES. This is absolutely not a commercial story, I do it for fun. I think it will be cool, but first things first:

3D video. What and why?

I also go snowboarding and skatebording and as a real fan I am looking forward to the new X GAMES.

Just recently, a terrible pandemic began in the world, which forced a lot of people to stay at home for several months. So, in order to not to waist your time during self-isolation, I started to explore new directions in the creation of videocontent.

And I discovered motion design. these are the kind of 3D videos that we most often see in advertising. Nearly all Apple ads, for example, are motion design. These are scenes created in 3D space. Absolutely all work is done on the computer. What you need when you are at home.

So, I mean that I decided to mix business with pleasure and make a fan video for X GAMES. I can improve my skills and I hope to do a cool job. It seemed to me a great idea.

The first thing I face with  was the plenty of different disciplines represented in X GAMES. But how can we fit it into one video? After a little thoughts and after talking with a few fans like me, I decided to present summer sports.

For inspiration, I created a mood board. When you look at it, ideas for a video appear much faster.

Some of the insides. Not to look nervous :)

Not so long ago, I started to make a video and want to show you some example scenes

There is always a huge and painstaking work behind one small video.

It would seem that the video is only 15 seconds long, but the work on it can take several weeks, or even months.

Here are some snippets from my video.  I warn you that this may look complicated and incomprehensible, and in fact, at first it is.

In the first 4 scenes of the video, I will show you 4 disciplines from the summer X GAMES (skate, BMX, FMX and rally). The main task is to convey the dynamics and continuity of camera movement in the video. All the smoothness is achieved by setting up the graphics that are responsible for the animation.

It takes about 4 hours to create each scene, and this is only a rough draft, there is no correct lighting and all the models look gray and not attractive. We will come to these stages later. The most important thing now is to make high-quality animation.

By the way, in motion design videos you can often find something that you can't see in regular videos, for example, like mine)) A car floating in the air

Yes, it looks a little unfinished yet, but I have just started and will soon please you with new results.

Some objects are shown as spheres and cubes, but further I will replace them with other elements, such as a helmet, gloves, wheels, etc.

When I got the idea to create this video, I didn’t realize how difficult it was. But it's definitely worth it. I can't wait to finish the work and share it with you.

I hope this article was  interested for you. Meanwhile,I will continue working on the video and next time I will prepare for you even more interesting result.