About me

  Hi!   My name is Raisa and I really like cooking. I can tell you a happy mom, a married girl. My future husband Sergei, I met with him back at university. He is handsome, smart, social and humorous. We got married after graduation. We had a tiny wedding. We encouraged only close relatives and family members. Anyway, everything was fine. After graduating from Kiev Shevchenko University, I received an economics degree there. After that, I got work at a large construction company. Enjoy for this excellent business was instilled in me by my mother, when I had been a kid. It was she who devoted me to all her secrets of skill and instructed me to love the process of cooking. That is when cooking started to bring just one pleasure.The business idea was as follows: eclairs, as a function of art in miniature, something vivid and stylish, as opposed to conventional custard cakes. My experience was not the end, as people will value my invention, whether there will be need. Nevertheless, everything turned out very well, a great deal of enthusiastic reviews and gratitude, in addition to a constant increase in the amount of orders - the most effective indicators of achievement of the business.Every woman from time to time has a scenario when everyday anxieties, family life, work, raising kids turn life into an endless evening of groundhog. In order to escape from stressful situations, nervous breakdowns and apathy, it's important to be engaged on your favourite hobby enterprise. I am interested in everything connected with all the cosmetics industry. My favorite is https://nlc.ua/blog . I like other goods, however. I found myself in yoga. And just 3 years back I ordered a book"Comfort and Meditation". I wanted to understand how to meditate and relax properly in the toughest situations of everyday life. Yoga is a really intuitive and, incidentally, understandable science. Logically, if energy is trapped in low layers, we get a reduce quality of enjoyment. Guna of goodness, for instance, is associated with higher energy facilities. Yoga can help to focus and manage those energy layers. And because of this, we could bring our awareness to a higher degree.