May 20, 2021

Why are International Schools Becoming the First Choice of Millennial Parents in India?

Millennial Parents despite being busy, make sure to spend quality time with their children. They have disregarded the parenting style based on strict discipline and use of physical force for punishment and adopted reinforcing positive behaviors. They tend to plan and schedule everything for their children after due research. Their focus is on raising overall developed children, which brings the change in the choice of schools. They want schools that aim on developing academic and life skills.

Due to a shift in parenting style, International schools following CBSE curriculum have become the most preferred schools in the last decade. Following are some of the benefits of studying in an international school 

Develops cultural harmony

Children who attend international school are exposed to different communities, cultures, traditions, and learning styles which helps them understand and respect different cultures. The teaching practices in CBSE School are designed in a way to ensure maximum exposure to global practices. Due to these global practices, children learn to get along with people of different cultural backgrounds, at an early age. To learn in a classroom full of students from different countries broadens the perspective of these young minds.  

Aids personality development

Studying in an international school comes with the benefit of having friends and teachers from different nationalities and cultures. In the process of befriending culturally different students, they overcome language and cultural barriers which increases their self-confidence. It acts as the first step outside their comfort zone while they try to understand something beyond the scope of their beliefs and capabilities. This helps students to become extroverts, who are less likely to get intimidated by the differences in the outside world. 

Increases career opportunities

Exposure to various cultures and languages at a young age helps them to look beyond a  particular country while choosing a college for higher studies. International exposure at the school level helps them in adjusting to different cultures later in life. Global exposure is likely to help them understand and learn foreign languages easily. It also helps them to explore and prepare for foreign universities and available scholarships. The dynamic educational experience at international schools helps students in exploring global career opportunities. 

Participation in  Extracurricular activities

International Schools are famous for giving equal importance to extracurricular activities that help in the emotional and physical development of the students. There are a plethora of options available to the students when it comes to learning a new skill at these schools. These activities help the students to explore and develop new skills outside the four walls of classrooms. Participating in such activities also builds self-confidence in academically weaker students. Extracurricular activities are a great way of teaching how to focus and cooperate with other children. It gives every student a chance to identify and hone their skills while they prepare for the future. The focus of international schools on the overall development of students and the effort of raising them in a multicultural environment makes them the first choice of millennial parents.