6 tips to keep your car running like the first day

Buying a car is the second largest investment that most people make after buying their home. Following these easy tips you can extend the life of your vehicle and maximize your investment.

A well-maintained car will provide its owner with a safe and reliable means of transportation for many more years than you can imagine.


1.Use the right type of fuel.

The owner's manual of the vehicle, or the inside of the top of the refill pipe, will tell you what type of fuel is recommended. Do not use high octane gasoline (Premium), unless recommended by the manufacturer, which usually occurs in expensive cars with high compression engines.

2.Change the oil in your vehicle at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer and check its level frequently.

Be sure to use an oil of the viscosity and recommended characteristics for your car, your driving style and environmental conditions. Nothing protects the life and operation of the engine more like its internal lubrication, and nothing will destroy it as quickly as neglecting it.


3.Check the wear level of your car tires.

This can be done easily and quickly with a penny. If the walls of the grooves of the band cover Abraham Lincoln's head you have at least 2/32 ”deep in the tread. It should also be checked that the wear is uniform, since otherwise the car may be suffering from alignment problems, or the wheels may be unbalanced, both problems can make driving less safe.

4.Protect the physical integrity of your vehicle.

Not only avoiding accidents but also making a little love to your car from time to time. It is advisable to apply a wax treatment to the body every three months to extend the life of the paint. The interior can be protected with simple steps such as using sun-reflecting screens when the vehicle is parked outdoors or applying sunscreen to the inner plastic parts most exposed to the sun.

5.Check the brake system.

The brakes are the only thing that will stop your car without causing damage, so it is advisable to ensure that they are always in optimal condition. Brake system fluid attracts moisture and may eventually cause corrosion in the system, so we recommend purging the system and replacing the fluid at least once a year.

6.Battery maintenance.

Today the batteries are ‘maintenance free’, which does not mean that they should be abandoned to their fate. To have a battery in good condition you must periodically clean the corrosion in its connectors as well as in the cable terminals. Also for ‘unsealed’ batteries, check the fluid level and fill them with distilled water up to half an inch below the top edge.

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