May 11, 2020

Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics Market By, By Geography — Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, And Forecast 2019–2026

The Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics Market was valued at USD 658.5 Million in 2016, registering a CAGR of 10.5% over forecast period 2020–2026. Factors augmenting the growth include increase in transplantation procedures, high target disease prevalence, improved survival rate of patients, advantages of autologous transplant and affordability.

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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) form a component of tumors that inherit the stem cell features such as differentiation, self-renewal and the potential to reiterate the native tumour when displaced into a host. Cancer stem cells are known to resist chemotherapy and hence result into a poor clinical outcome. On contrary, stem cells against cancer are used in transplantation of bone marrow that is inhibited by cancer cells by chemotherapy or radiation. In cancer forms such as myeloma and leukemias, a stem cell transplant forms an important part of treatment. A stem cell transplant between two people can result in treating for various type of cancers.

Commercially, a stem cell transplant can revive in positive health conditions in the early stages of cancer, if detected since cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality on a global scale. Cancer stem cells are known to exhibit differentiating properties from its progeny and have acquired properties of the epigenetic abnormalities. CSCs can be recognised as specific markers of normal stem cells that are used in the separation of CSCs from haematological tumors. As per the medical studies, CSCs are supplemented post chemotherapy procedures owing to a small subpopulation of cells contained within the tumour tissues so that the cells can survive through the most difficult stages of chemotherapy. For example, DNMT3Amut HSCs are capable of initiating clonal expansion in the early stages of leukemogenesis.

Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics Market Trends, Drivers and Opportunities:

Cancer stem cell therapeutics market is significantly driven by high awareness about cancer stem cells across the globe. Growing incidences of cancer and lung treatment is anticipated to trigger a high demand for cancer therapies in the early stages. Moreover, favourable reimbursement scenario in various economies as a part of public health care is gaining a traction. Availability of medical infrastructure and treatment for cardiovascular diseases is playing a pivotal role in determining the market demand for cancer therapeutics and diagnosis. However, unaffordability to bear medical expenses by the low-class population and increasing side effects of the treatment are likely to exhibit challenges for the market throughout the forecast period. As the market witness several evolution in the field of cancer research and autoimmune diseases importance for cancer stem cell therapeutics has gained a huge traction. Government funding and private investors are now keen on investing for talent and infrastructural development to offer the best medical services.

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