October 7, 2020

Hydroponics: Is the future of Farming Industry?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants with the help of water, as the name suggests and nutrients from sources other than soil. In short, hydroponics simply means growing plants in the water. Roots of the plants are based in the nutrient-rich solution that contains no soil. People also term this process as growing plants with no use of soil, since the process does not include soil for nutrients. Plants are basically grown in mediums like coco coir fiber or rocks and are given a solution containing all the nutrients of soil.

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Some of the major advantages of hydroponics process include:

  • Growing of both, indoor and outdoor plants throughout the year
  • Significant conservation of water and nutrients of plants
  • Optimal space utilization for growing plants, including improved crop flavor
  • Speedy growth of plants with better yields
  • Eliminates weeding procedure, and
  • Removes soil-borne pests, resulting in no need for pesticides

Combination of these benefits have increased the importance of the targeted process as compared to the normal soil plants. Moreover, ongoing water issue (scarcity) is another major reason for the adoption of this type of farming. Water availability and water quality is yet one of the reasons for the success of hydroponics. Water availability sources includes rivers, rainwater, lake, underground reservoirs, and other treatment techniques. This water is then examined to be pathogen-free and used for hydroponics.

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Owing to man-made disasters, soil-based cultivation is facing several difficulties. Deforestation, global warming, industrialization, and urbanization are few examples that are deteriorating the quality of soil-based plantation. Hence, experts have found out modern solution for plantation, hydroponics. In addition, vertical farming is increasingly being integrated with hydroponics has advanced agricultural engineering to overcome the issue of food scarcity in growing population economies, such as India. This will not only bring modernizations in the domain, but also considerably satisfy the growing food necessity issue.