December 12, 2019

Growth within Global Cash Logistics Market is majorly driven by increased cash outsourcing by banks and retailers in developed markets, deployment of more ATMs in emerging markets and favourable pricing for CIT related services: Ken Research

Analyst at Ken Research in their latest publication “Global Cash Logistics Market Outlook to 2023 – By Region (North America, APAC, Europe, and Latin America Middle East and Africa) and Service (Cash in Transit, Cash Replenishment, Retail Cash Management and Other Cash Services – Cash Processing, Counting, Sorting, Packing and Transportation of Valuables & Bullion)" believe growth investments in technology based services such as automated cash machines and electronic payment processing, consolidation in developed and tie-ups in emerging markets, need to diversify products and services away from banks and financial institutions towards other end users, and for companies to leverage their expertise to handle the next wave out cash outsourcing and bank automation will provide high value solutions will drive the growth in terms of revenue at a forecasted CAGR of nearly 9.0% for the period 2019-2023.

The first wave of outsourcing was driven by Banks’ need to concentrate on core banking services, reduce costs and commercial footprint. The steady rise in cash in circulation and overnight deposits drove demand for cash transportation services and ATM replenishment.

Growth in Number of ATMs: While emerging markets witnessed an increase in number of ATMs deployed by banks as part of their vision financial inclusion, developed markets witnessed increase in number of independent ATM Deployers or White Label ATMs. More than half of all ATMs in United States are non-bank owned ATMs. These ATMs are usually in far off rural regions, due to which cash logistics companies received better pricing for their services. The trend of White Label ATMs was also observed to grow in Australia, where Westpac Bank sold off a portion of its ATM fleet to ATM Managed Services companies.

Growth within the APAC Region: The region was observed with highest number of ATMs and large proportion of unbanked population therefore, further driving ATM deployment. Regions such as Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) have more than 80.0% outsourcing of ATMs for the year 2017. China was leading in terms of ATM deployments with more than 1 Million ATMs during 2013-2018. Countries such as India and Indonesia are large fragmented markets where many companies operate profitably due to low labor costs and low incidences of cash van robberies thus, generating low insurance costs. White Label ATMs operating in India provided opportunities for cash logistics companies to handle their cash transportation requirements.

Growth in Security Services: Most global companies operating in cash logistics market are also operating in the security services market. The innovation in their security services portfolio worked to complement the growth in cash operations, improve profitability with real time monitoring of cash vans and up-gradation of cash vans to specialized armored vehicles. The rise in technology based solutions drove the sales of cash machines for retailers, banks and other cash using end users. Loomis, for instance, signed a USD 48.0 Million contract with a major retailer in United States for installation of 1000 Safe Point devices by the year ending 2023.

Consolidation in Developed Markets: Companies operating on a global basis were observed to acquire local players in order to improve their market share and thus significantly achieve economies of scale. Mostly, the top 4 companies globally are leading consolidation trend by acquiring smaller regional companies. Acquisitions were also made for companies involved in technology based services such as payments service providers, cloud based solutions, Inter of Things, POS solution providers among others, to reach a greater number of end user such as retailers, industrial facilities and government entities.

Key Segments Covered

By Region

North America



Latin America, Middle East and Africa

By Service

Cash in Transit

Cash Replenishment

Retail Cash Management

Other Cash Services – Cash Processing, Counting, Sorting, Packaging,

By Countries Covered

United States of America



United Kingdom






Saudi Arabia

Key Target Audience

Existing Cash Logistics Companies

Investors and Venture Capital Firms

Technology Based Startups

Banking and Financial Institutions

Government Entities

ATM Managed Services Companies

ATM Supply Companies

Retail Stores

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013 -2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2023

Companies Covered:















United States





TB Forte


CMS Infosystem

Writer Safeguard



Radiant Cash

Saudi Arabia


Al Hamrani







Key Topics Covered in the Report

Global Cash Logistics Market Value Chain Analysis

Global Cash Logistics Market Overview

Global Cash Logistics Market Trends

Global Cash Logistics Market Challenges

Global Cash Logistics Future Projections

Global Cash Logistics Market Segmentation by Region

Global Cash Logistics Market Segmentation by Service

Competition Analysis of Global Cash Logistics Companies

Country Profiles – United States, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Spain

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Global Cash Logistics Market

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