September 20, 2019

UAE Nutritional Supplements Market Analysis and forecast: Ken Research


A shift in consumption trend was observed in the UAE health and wellness industry wherein the consumers have shifted from the consumption of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of chronic type diseases to preventing chronic diseases at the first place, thereby reducing people’s dependency on various pharmaceutical drugs. Nutritional supplements have positioned themselves as an alternative for the traditional medicine in the country. The Nutritional Supplements market in the UAE was observed in the late growth stage during the study period. UAE Nutritional Supplement market size was evaluated at AED ~ million in 2013 which grew at a CAGR of ~% in the five year review period 2013 - 2018.

However, the Nutritional Supplement Market observed to be AED ~ million in 2018. The UAE market is being driven by various factors such as increase in awareness about health and wellness through government initiatives, change in lifestyle of the consumers, more people becoming active by joining gyms and participating in sports and others. This has led to inclusion of nutritional supplements in their diet for improvement of overall health.

The UAE Nutritional Supplements market is largely dominated by the sales of Functional Foods which includes Dairy products, Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals and other categories.

New channels of retail such as Internet retailing, opening of chained convenience stores and others are emerging in the market and have helped in facilitating the sales.


Functional Foods: The functional foods segment is the leading product segment in the UAE Nutritional Supplement market with a revenue share of ~% in 2018. The market for functional food has increased as consumers are becoming more aware about the adulterated chemicals and preservatives used in their food products, the consumers are shifting to products made from natural ingredients, containing added nutrients in order to support the hectic and stressful fast paced lifestyle of the consumers. Dairy based products are the leading product category in the functional food market. These are highly consumer during the Ramazan season. In this the major demand is for dairy based yogurts as these products enhance the digestive system by maintaining good gut health. In Yogurts, Reduced Fat products are gaining traction in the market due to the increase in the health awareness. Dairy products are followed by baby food products as the second most contributing category in the market.

Functional Beverages: The UAE Functional Beverage market revenues declined over the years as revenue from AED ~ Million in the year 2013 to AED ~ in 2018, thereby displaying a five year CAGR of ~% over the review period 2013-2018. This decline in the market has happen due to introduction of new taxes by the government. In October 2017, the UAE government implemented ~% Excise Duty on the energy drinks. In addition to this, the government introduced a nationwide VAT of ~% on different products in January 2018.

This declined the market for the Energy Drinks which is the biggest product category for the UAE Functional Beverages.

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements: Vitamins and dietary supplements was the least revenue contributing product segment with a share of ~% in the UAE Nutritional Supplement market in 2018.The market was valued at AED ~ Million in 2013 and reached to a value of AED ~ Million in 2018 and registered a five year CAGR of ~% during the period 2013-2018. The market has developed due to various factors such as change in the lifestyle of the consumers and more people becoming active by joining gyms and participating in sports, filling the gaps created due to lack of nutrients consumed in a regular diet through these products, adoption of preventive ideology wherein the consumers starts consuming nutritional supplements in order to avoid getting ill and to avoid various other diseases. The market is currently in the early growth stage in the UAE and expected to develop more in the upcoming years.


By Type of Functional Foods: The Dairy products were the most revenue contributing segment in the UAE functional food market with a share of ~% in 2018. Dairy products are mostly consumed during the Ramazan period as people fast during that period; they consume high dairy products in order to maintain good gut health. It is followed by Baby Food in terms of revenue contribution with contribution of ~% in 2018, which is followed by breakfast cereals with contribution of ~% in 2018.

In the Dairy market, the biggest contribution was made by the Dairy Based yogurt category. These yogurts are consumed almost five times of the normal consumption during the month of Ramazan.

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