June 17, 2020

Amazon PPC Management: Powerful Secrets of Building a Winning Campaign

Getting started with Amazon is simple and fast. But when it comes to gaining exposure through Amazon PPC, the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Amazon is the 3rd most popular advertising platform today, posing tough competition to Google and Facebook.

There are over 2.5 million active sellers on the marketplace and the competition is cut-throat. So, it isn’t surprising if you have not yet been ranked as the “best seller” or got the luck to achieve the “buy box.”However, leveraging the power of effective Amazon PPC management can be your best bet to improve exposure and sell fast on this promising platform.

Here are the secrets to building a killer Amazon PPC campaign that delivers outstanding results.

7 Amazon PPC Advertising Tips to Drive Increased Traffic & Boost Conversions

Discussed here are the blueprints of Amazon PPC optimization that will help you get the most out of your limited budget.

#1: Drive “relevance” by focusing on the searcher’s intent

To drive effective results for your Amazon PPC campaign, it is important to be most “relevant” to what the searchers are looking for. It is also a proven technique to reduce irrelevant clicks, thus, lowering your CPC.

You have to think of the way your potential customers think when they search for a product that you sell. This will help you model the right keywords, making your products most relevant to what your customers are searching for.
So, how do you know what keywords your customers would use on Amazon search box to find a product?

Use advanced keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool. Make sure you target both long-tail and short-tail keywords to be most relevant, increase visibility, and drive genuine clicks.

#2: Use Amazon ‘Sponsored Brands’ to boost brand awareness

When someone searches a product on Amazon, the ‘Sponsored Brands’ ads appear at the top of the search results. Therefore, they are trusted by over 18% of buyers and perceived to be more credible and verified products. It helps build strong brand awareness and is useful in advertising multiple products.

When combined with branded searches and category keywords, you can use Sponsored Brands ads for top-of-the-funnel advertising. The ads can be optimized to direct clicks to your Products Listing Page and the storefront.

#3: Continuously test, optimize, and improve your Amazon PPC ad copy

This is one aspect that many Amazon sellers shy away from. Once the ad copy is ready, they post it and only keep tracking its performance.

However, advertisers fail to understand that if they do not split-test multiple ad copies, optimize and tweak them, it will result in a poor-performing PPC ad campaign.

As an Amazon seller, your primary goal is to get more leads and boost your sales.To achieve this, it is imperative to create multiple ad copies that are attention-grabbing and test which concept gels well with your potential customers.

Plus, you should focus on Amazon PPC optimisation – improving the ad copy, optimizing your keywords and landing pages, smart bidding, etc. This should be an ongoing process to ensure you reap higher revenues from your ad spends.

Get professional Amazon PPC management service to power your campaign and generate better results.

#4: Leverage Keyword Match Types

To refine ad targeting, Amazon provides the option to use keyword match types – exact, broad, phrase, and negative. Match types help find out how closely your keywords will match the product ads for a specific ad group.

i. Exact: The ad will be shown only when the search query matches the keyword exactly. However, singular or plural variations also match here.

ii. Broad: The Amazon PPC product ad will show up when all the words in a user’s search query match your keywords. The order of the words, spelling variations, misspellings, and synonyms will also match.

iii. Phrase: The ad will show only when the search query has keyword/keywords exactly in the right order given. Singular or plural keyword variations are also included.

Adding negative keywords is another powerful tactic that Amazon PPC experts use to prevent increasing your ad spends due to irrelevant clicks.

Negative keywords are the phrases or search queries for which you do not want your product ads to be triggered.

Including negative keywords will ensure that the ads will not be clicked irrelevantly. This will help lower your CPC that often increases unaccountably due to inappropriate clicks.

#5: Optimize Your Bids by Ad Placement

Amazon now allows advertisers to refine your PPC campaigns more efficiently and gain better control over where the ads will show and how much you can pay for them.So, you can adjust your PPC bids based on ad placement. You have three options for placing of ads –

  • At the top of Amazon search results on Page 1
  • Anywhere in the search results
  • Any position except the search results, i.e. on the product details page, add-to-cart page, etc.

Analyze your Amazon placement report and identify which position has driven more visibility and conversions. Based on the data, you can adjust your bid to leverage the more promising ad placement.

#6: Place product variations in the same ad group

If you have a single product with variations in color, size, flavor, etc, you can put these in the same ad group and save cost.

Amazon will display the product ad with the most popular variation to drive traffic. Once a customer clicks the ad and visits the product page, they can choose from the variations available.

If the customer specifically mentions the variation (suppose the color), the ad with that particular variation will appear on the search results.

Consult your Amazon PPC agency to learn more about this feature.

#7: Hire an Amazon PPC Consultant

Finally, a killer tip to build a high-performance and result-driven ad campaign is to hire a professional Amazon PPC optimization service from an expert.

They have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can strategize a winning campaign that drives you more leads and conversions.Plus, an Amazon PPC specialist will test, optimize, and tweak the campaign regularly to ensure improved performance and better results.

A good Amazon PPC management agency also tracks and analyzes the results continuously and provides a comprehensive report with actionable insights.

Following these essential tips and hiring expert Amazon PPC services will help design an ROI-driven ad campaign and generate amazing results.

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