3 Ways to Style Your Hair Extensions!

Hey ladies, Your humble hair guide is here to solve your hair extension styling issues in just no time. I know how tough it is to style your hair when you were binging on Netflix at the night and you are running super late for your work or uni in the morning. But nobody can take your right to slay that look even on the busiest of the days. So read on this blog till the end to know it all!

1) Space Buns!

Space Buns

Space Buns are so much in trend these days and are super quirky and hot to wear to the uni or to the office. These buns are quick to style and easy to handle. All you need for these ones is a perfect bundle of remix wavy clip ins and hair pins for accessorizing the look. Clip in the extensions and part them up from between then tie them up into 2 equal buns!

2) Braid Them UP !

Braided Hair Extensions

These braids not only look hot and wild but also ads up to the class and richness to the look. You can wear them in long as well as short lengths. All you gotta do is to get a bundle of French defined braiding hair and braid them up! Hit up the office tomorrow with these braids on and feel all the eyes on you!

3) The loose waves!

Waves Hair

These loose waves look so hot and sexy while they are also super easy to carry. They go well with all of the outfits and looks incredible with the formal wears. They are definitely a must try and a must have extension in your collection. All you need is a waves hair extension put them on and voila! you are ready to slay!

A general tip, always get good , human and fine quality extensions to achieve the desired looks and to increase the life span of your extensions! The brand I use is Indique Hair they have a wide range of textures and products, their products are made from Indian human hair and are very affordable so why wait ladies, hit them up with your orders now! Also they have a Mother's day sale coming up!