July 15, 2020


How long have you been playing the market?

Long enough to enjoy a stable cash-flow. Most profits come from trading signals. Some of these signals I share on my private channel.

How much money should I need to start trading?

That depends solely on your decision. I recommend to start with 20 $, risking only 1$ (5% of capital) on a single trade. This is the best way to avoid risks. No martingale (doubling the sum after every loss)– only fixed persantage.

I have never traded before. Do I need to know much to become a successful trader?

Almost 90% of subscribers are the beginners, who have never played markets or traded crypto-currency, but they still benefit thanks to trading signals I post. All you need to start is to choose currency pair I recommend, choose the deadline and appreciation or depreciation. After the deal is sealed ( in 20-30 minutes) you get the profit of about 70-90%. Its pretty simple. Withdrawing money are processed during the day.

I have less time to trade. Can I still earn without Trading personally?

Yes you can still earn by investing with me. We have experienced traders who expertly manages our investors account. We have some investmet options listed in my group. Pick option best suited for you and we send you your profit at the end of investmet terms. This option guarantees good profit and zero loss.

What is your interest in sharing the trading signals?

Pls read the detailed answer here-

Are there any risks?

Of course there are risks, as in any endeavor. But statistics show that long-term stable income is quite real. In case you are afraid to loose money, then it is better to choose our investment options or start trading with small amounts, for example 20$, and work for a week, or month, or year and decide if you are ready to increase the bank depending on your urge to earn more.

I want to invest, how do I invest?

All you need is to send me a personal message on telegram. Click here