August 10, 2022

Get paid for browsing websites

Join thousands of clickers, get paid for browsing websites and for your clicks!

You can work from any location, no matter if you are in India or in United States. The basic earning for every click you made is $0.05, usually dozens of tasks available to every one. Every month from 1st to 5th payouts are done to all contractors

See instructions below for how to get paid for using Google Search

Step 1: Create your free account here

Step 2: Check your email inbox for your login details. See below the information you will recieve in your email inbox. Login to your dashboard using the information sent to your email inbox.

Step 3: Once you login to your dashboard click on "Software", see screenshot below.

Step 4: Follow instructions from shown page after you click on "Software". See screenshot below.

Step 5: If you follow instructions correctly from shown page after you click on "Software" you will see an icon on top right corner of your screen. See screenshot below. Click on that icon and start earning money.

Step 6: Once you click on the icon from the top right corner of your screen a new tab/page will be shown. Scroll down a little bit from that page and click on "Get task" blue button. See screenshot below.

Step 7: After you click on "Get task" blue button a new Google search page will be shown. And the keyword will be already copied so you will just need to paste the keyword into google search engine and press enter. You will also see the following messages, see screenshot below.

Step 8: Now scrow down to look for the link/site using the keyword. Once you find the link you will need to click on it. The correct link to click will be highlighted in red (see screenshot below). Most of the time the link is within the first 10 google pages. If you can't find the link within the first 10 google pages then close the current task and start the new one. Don't click on any link, click on only the red highlighted link.

Step 9: Once you find the link click on it, stay on that page/site for one minute and scroll down within that site.You will also see a message indicating that you must stay in the page for one minute. And at the top right corner of the screen you will also see a timer which will count from 60 seconds to 0 seconds. See screenshot below.

PAYMENT - $18.9

PROOF - FaucetPay

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