November 26, 2018

reality_maker @ 2018-11-26T07:08:00

Legislative Instrument – F2018L01196 – LIN 18/022: Determination of Daily Maintenance Amounts for Persons in Detention) Instrument 2018, specifies the daily amount for the purposes of subsection 262(2) of the Migration Act.

The daily maintenance amount to $489.11 per person in Australia without an Australian visa.

The amount is calculated from an average across all facilities.

This amount is intended to cover:

the cost of keeping and maintaining the person in immigration detention

the cost of transporting and securing the person between the vessel and to the place of detention, and the cost of transporting the person between detention facilities.

if the person is to be removed from Australia at the cost of the Commonwealth, the cost of that removal and the cost of transporting the person who is securing the person being removed.