How to request a refund or cancel a purchase on Google Play

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One of the advantages of the Android operating system is a large number of applications available for our device in the official Google Play Store, although we can also find other alternative stores with applications and games for the Google system. There are many apps and games that we can get completely free, however, many others we can get by paying. If you have inadvertently bought something, it is not what you expected or someone has done it for us from our mobile, then surely you are interested in knowing how to cancel the said purchase. Next, going to show you how to request a refund or cancel a purchase on Google Play.

First of all it is important to know Google's refund policy since they are different depending on the item we have purchased. In general, the search engine giant does not usually grant a refund for purchases on Google Play, however, there are certain exceptions in which we may request the cancellation of the purchase and its refund.

Google Play refund policies

Apps, games and in-app purchases (including subscriptions)

In the event that we want to cancel the purchase of an application or game, if it has been less than 48 hours since we made the purchase and according to the details of the same, it is possible that Google will grant us a refund without problems. However, if the request to cancel the purchase is made after 48 hours from the purchase, then we will have to contact the developer and process the refund options, since each developer may have their own policies.

Google Play Movies

If we have not started watching the video yet, we can request a refund within 7 days of purchase without any problem. But if the video or movie is defective, we have bought it and then it is not available or it does not stop looking correctly, we have up to 65 days to cancel the purchase on Google Play and request a refund.

Google Play Music

We may have purchased music on Google Play and found that it does not play. Depending on the case, we may be able to return an album or song within a maximum period of 7 days. Of course, as long as we have not downloaded or reproduced, since in this case we can only cancel a purchase on Google Play of music if the content does not work.


Another thing that we can buy in the Google app store are electronic books or audiobooks. If we want to cancel a purchase on Google Play of an electronic book, we have up to 7 days to do so from the date of purchase. Of course, except in the case of book rentals that are considered definitive sales. Of course, if for any reason the book does not load or does not reproduce, then we can request a refund on Google Play within 65 days of purchase.

Refund from Google Play Kiosk

In this case we must differentiate between the individual numbers of magazines and the subscriptions. In the first case, we will only be able to cancel a purchase of a single issue of the magazine if we cannot access the content. For its part, we will be able to cancel a subscription at any time if we cannot access the content. Of course, if we cancel a subscription in the first seven days of the monthly subscription, we may request a refund of the cost of the month of cancellation.

Purchases made with the Google Assistant

Although in this case Google does not usually offer refunds on purchases made with the Google Assistant, there are certain exceptions. If the request to cancel a purchase on Google Play is made within a maximum period of 48 hours, depending on the details of each purchase, it is possible that the search engine giant will grant us a refund.

After that period, we must contact the developer directly to manage the return and know the return policy of the same.

Gift cards, Google balance and Google Play gifts

Gift cards and other types of prepaid balance from Google Play, including cash top-ups, cannot be refunded unless required by the law of the country where the purchase was made. The promotional balance is something that Google will not reimburse us for.

If what we want to return is a gift, we must inform the buyer to contact Google to cancel a purchase on Google Play and request a refund. Of course, keep in mind that the amount will only be returned to the person who made the purchase, never to the person who received the gift.

Google will only refund the amount of gifts that have not yet been redeemed and it is also important to know that the gift code cannot be redeemed after the refund and that the refund of the gifts can only be requested during the three months after the date shopping.

How to cancel a purchase on Google Play and request a refund

If the product that we have bought in the Google store does not work or is not what we thought and we want to return it, we have two ways to request a refund, by contacting the developer of the application so that it is he who makes the return or request a refund on the Google Play site.

The great popularity of Google's operating system for mobile devices has always aroused great interest in application developers. This means that the vast majority of apps that we can find in the Play Store have been developed by external developers.

In this case, we must contact the developer of the same if we find that an application we have purchased does not work or we do not receive it. If we want to cancel a purchase in the Google Play Store, but it has been more than 48 hours since we made the purchase, then it is the developer who will have to tell us how to do it according to their own return policy.