October 8, 2020

Creative Recruitment Tips at the Company

Recruitment or the process of recruiting employees can sometimes be difficult for a company to do, because the company does not have a recruitment way that really helps the company in finding the best talent for them. WEGOTTHIS HR has summarized the 5 best ways to recruitment agencies in Singapore employees, here's an explanation:

Gamification is a method of applying the concept of a game to something whose context is completely different from the game. Some companies have used this method for branding companies and also to recruit new employees. If your company implements creative gamification methods, it can attract interest from applicants to join your company and understand more clearly what skills and tasks will be needed for the job.

One example of a company that has implemented gamification methods is Google, which created Google Code Jam, a software-writing competition to recruit new employees at its companies. Google writes that it will give a $50,000 prize to whoever wins it, but the real prize is that Google will recruit whoever wins the game contest.

Social Media
In this era, it's almost impossible for someone who doesn't have a single social media account. Then why don't you take advantage of this doing your new hires? Companies can speed up hiring time with this. Social media can be used as a medium for the best promotion or even media to find the best talent for your company.

Social media like LinkedIn will really help you to find your best talents, you can see their short history easily and even you can directly contact them through messages on LinkedIn, in addition other social media like Facebook can also help you on this.

Software ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Ats software or Applicant Tracking System is an application software where the company can control all recruitment agencies Singapore activities digitally. Now, there are many cloud-based ATS, where you can access anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection around you.

ATS software can control recruitment activities ranging from the selection stage to the offering stage, even the interview schedule can be arranged very easily through this ATS software. There are already many cloud-based ATS software that you can use, such as workable, recruiter box, or Urbanhire. The costs required for this software are affordable, and you can save time on the recruitment process to be very effective and efficient,

Referral Recruitment System
The referral system is familiar to you, but did you know that the referral system can be used as one of the creative ways to recruit employees? Some companies in America have successfully used referral systems to recruit employees, because employees basically understand what kind of talent is needed and indeed fits into the company culture.

You just need to provide incentives for your employees who manage to find new talent for your company, even now you no longer have to bother to take care of the referral recruitment system because there is already some cloud software to help you, such as Zao.com. The referral system itself is proven to be able to recruit employees who will later be long-term for your company.

Come to Them
What the hell is it about coming to them? What we mean is that you have to visit the talents you need to a place where they often gather. For example, if you are a Startup company and you are looking for reliable developers, then try to participate in events that involve many developers that suit your needs. It doesn't do any wrong, does it? Joining multiple events or communities can help you find the talent you need very easily.