3 Reasons Why MacOS is Better Than Windows for Programming

Most developers have a preference for Apple computers over Windows PCs. This is primarily since Apple products have gained much traction in the past decade or so. Apple computers allow you to experience advanced and challenging technology but are also simple enough to cater to the end-user. Allow me to explain in better detail.


UNIX and LINUX are operating systems for programming. Anyone who programs will hear about these two terms. UNIX was the first to come, then LINUX. These two systems are significant to programmers because UNIX provides stability, flexibility, and security. A tremendous amount of the websites we use and visit daily are built from the foundations of UNIX and LINUX.LINUX has many similarities with UNIX despite its different name. LINUX runs on both Windows and MAC computers.MAC PC’s run all the time on the UNIX operating system and are ideal for developers. Due to MAC’s being based on UNIX, they can better create back-end web server code. This is one of the main reasons why MAC’s are the more preferred computer. A command-line based on UNIX makes programming less of a headache because it enables you to run programs in nearly any language.

UNIX has better security than Windows

when run on the MAC. For this reason, MAC’s are the safer option in regards to hackers and the tools they use, such as malware, Trojan horses, and viruses. Windows is prone to malware, including spyware, botnets, and ransomware. Hackers live in the online realm, so it is of the utmost importance that you have a well-rounded security system to protect you and your work.

MAC’s do come equipped with a dependable command-line that has shares similarities with UNIX. The command-line enables you to operate your PC by typing in different commands instead of clicking on graphical components.

Apple is also pretty impressive because they do make their hardware. This creates a reliable environment because, unlike Windows, third-party drivers are not controlling their hardware’s operation.


Apple devices always come through with the level of quality they provide. When it comes down to repairs, you will find it to be much easier to repair a MAC than a Windows PC. MAC has built-in software that will allow you to find the issue quickly and efficiently. As far as technical issues, you will find that MAC’s are less likely to have any come compared to Windows.

Many people experience no tech glitches for several years when using MAC’s. Developers need a stable machine, so they don’t have to worry about losing personal data and work progress. With the MAC computer, you’ll also receive less interruption while using Windows will frequently freeze or need to update or shut down randomly.

Over the years, developers have become seemingly more attracted to MAC computers because of their popularization, sophistication, and access to specialized tools such as text editors, package managers, and apps than its competitors would. This type of environment is ideal for programming. Beyond that, their build quality is outstanding with not only elegant form design but durability as well.

We mustn’t forget that MAC’s UI and a large variety of high-quality apps make the system even smoother and enjoyable to program with.


When you use MAC OS X, you can also run every significant operating system on your PC. Running OS X on a Windows computer would be very difficult, and the only possibility of that would be to download a hacked version of it. Contrastingly, MAC PC’s could efficiently run windows and LINUX on their system. There are some tools exclusive to MAC and some that are exclusive to Windows. The advantage of this is that there would be no need to switch from MAC PC to Windows PC because MAC can access all of the operating systems. Another thing to think about is that it is impossible to develop a program for iOS or OS X using a Windows computer, but you can create programs that are compatible with Windows on a MAC computer. MAC’s can run everything from Windows, Linux, Android, and more.


So when it comes choosing a PC to program with, the most significant thing to think about is preference. When programming with a Windows computer, you’ll find yourself reaching more complications than you would with a MAC OS. Programming is a complex and challenging job; therefore, you must find a device that will allow you to work smoothly. It’s important to note that MAC’s can develop for iOS or any Apple product because it requires a system run on MAC OS X.All in a, go with the PC that is more comfortable, convenient and benefits you the most.Article was written by Genesis Smith