Industrial Ergonomics

The critique essay sample provides viewers with the information about various types of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). It also gives a definition of ergonomics and explains how it may help minimize the risks of the injuries in the workplace. The mentioned Ergonomic Safety Program decreases the danger of injury and increases productivity and morale in the working areas. The video further indicates the main symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders, their possible health issues, and suggests the methods of identification, control or reduction of hazardous consequences.The awareness of the safety rules in the working areas helps prevent the injuries, which may occur after the human negligence of the main job instructions. Nonetheless, even the small issues may transform into dangerous disorders if the treatments and cure are not appropriate. Moreover, the ailment may progress into the conditions the further cure of which would require more time and strength. The sypmthoms of the musculoskeletal disorder may include pain in extremities, fatigue, burning sensation, cramping or swelling. Furthermore, he MSD also affects the ability to perform normal work duties or even various recreational activities.After reviewing the main characteristics of the MSD the video continues modulating the possible risky situations in the working places and the ways to control them. It says that the jobs presenting the multiple risk factors will have a higher probability of causing the musculoskeletal conditions. Thus, it is very important to identify the ergonomic related risk factors and the employees’ exposure to them. The video also lists the possible risk-related issues which usually occur in the working conditions.Consequently, the video acknowledges that training and awareness are the key important factors for preventing various types of injuries including MSD. The employees should understand the main causes of MSD, its sypmthoms and ways to control the risks. The effective employee training would help eliminate the major dangers and unhealthy conditions in the working areas. What is more, the employees’ ability to recognize the possible symptoms and issues connected with MSD should be followed by the company’s proper use of all the equipment and tools (Industrial Ergonomics). Such co-operation between the company and its workers would lead to the minimal exposure to negative impacts during work. This is the main aim of the industrial ergonomics.Ergonomics and DesignWith the development of industry and technology a great number of things aimed to simplify the daily life appeared. However, sometimes people still complain about the inconveniences that occur while using certain types of tools. The ergonomics, as a relatively new concept, deals with matching tasks with people. The video suggests that understandability, physical fit, design and orientation on a certain age group are the key important factors, which make a particular device more convenient in customers’ use.The understandability factor is clearly explained in the video on the example of the camera. The video creators show that the simple design and the plain menu of it allow the users to practice all possible options and not stick to the same ones. Moreover, its layout makes it possible to push all the buttons even when it is in a case. Hence, the authors accentuate that the users prefer the simplicity of functions and the plain form of the device because it provides more convenient usage in the future.Taking into consideration a physical fit and age group adjustments, they are also very important aspects in creating such objects that would suit most people. For example, when constructing the doorways, bookshelves, tables or chairs, engineers should pay attention to the height, weight and shape to achieve the perspective users’ convenience. The ergonomic suggests a match between the physical characteristic of the user and the tool. Thus, adjustability becomes the most important factor in designing things.To conclude, the ergonomics and design are correlated. The key points of ergonomics are a usability and adjustability of the things people utilize. The ergonomics suggests choosing the understandable and simple in usage design when creating new things. In doing so, the popularity of products would sufficiently increase and the users would be more satisfied.