March 8, 2020

Should you invest in SEO?

There are two types of founders I come across while discussing about growing business.

  1. Those who think SEO can bring a huge traffic on their website and hence an exponential growth will happen in a few months which will bring a consistent business.
  2. People who think SEO is a waste of time or have low ROI with high investment of time and money.

I do not want to work with either of them and hence I think both type of founders must not do SEO. 2nd ones are obviously not interested and I do not want to invest my energy in convincing them. 1st ones look like the potential client though but they are a big pain in future because they don’t have a realistic expectation and need a wand and not an SEO.

There are third kind of people who understand their goals, know the ROI of getting traffic from search and have experienced the SEO magic themselves. They are a rare sight, mostly occupied with either in house SEOs or have been working with some of the finest SEOs in the industry.

Majority of people fall in the 1st or 2nd category but 3rd are the ideal client every one is dying to have.

I don’t know which category you find yourself in but let me promise you this… By the time you complete reading, you will be able to answer:

  • why do (or do not) you need SEO?
  • if you need, what benefits can you reap out of it?
  • what are the most important KPIs of SEO?

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