May 20, 2019

Europe Infection Control Market worth 7,652 million USD by 2025

Europe Infection Control Market Overview:

The European Infection Control Market was estimated at $ 5,061 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $ 7, 652 million by 2025, growing at a compound annual rate of 6% over the 2018-2025 forecast period. Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses are the main infectious agents.

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Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities of Europe Infection Control Market

The market for the control of infections in Europe increases significantly due to the number of operations and the number of hospitals. It is expected that the supply for the management of disinfectants will lead to a significant participation in the market of supply of infected control. End users of hospitals should be actively involved in the supply markets to control infections, such as high supply demand for control of hospital infections. However, as the incidence of hospital infections increases and the awareness of various types of infections increases, it is becoming an important factor leading the European market for the control of infections. Government support for the control of infections has a positive impact on the market.

However, strict guidelines are applied for the approval of equipment used for sterilization, which makes the infectious control market a bit difficult. The cancer control infection market is expected to have significant growth potential over the next few years. The factors that contribute to this evaluation include an increase in the large population, an increase in the number of cancer patients around the region and the development of cancer treatment technologies. It is also expected that the market will become more active as public awareness grows about the deterioration of sanitation and hygiene conditions in LDCs.

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Geographical Analysis of Europe Infection Control Market:

Europe is expected to occupy the second largest share of the global infectious disease market over the forecast period due to the growing number of surgical procedures. In Europe, Germany, France and the United Kingdom represent the bulk of the infection control market. The European market for infection control in cancer treatment follows the North American market because of the significant promotion and funding of cancer treatment by the regional government.

Some of the key players in the infection control market include 3M, TSO3 Inc., Nordion Inc., Synergy Health Plc., Cisa SpA, Matachana Group, STERIS Corporation and Honeywell International, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Limited, Getinge Group, Ahlstrom, Sterigenics International, Inc., Kimberly-Clark, Sakura Global Holding Company Ltd. and Belimed AG, among others.

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