May 14, 2019

Europe Ultrasound Probe Disinfection Market Study Analysis to 2025

Europe Ultrasound Probe Disinfection Market Overview:

The Europe Ultrasound probe disinfection market estimated at $ 89 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $ 319 million by 2025, rising at a compound annual rate of 20% over the 2018-2025 forecast period.

The ultrasound probe is a device used to obtain images of internal organs using sound waves. These sound waves bounce off the internal organs in the form of echoes received by the probe and sent to the computer.

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Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities:

Ultrasound images are minimal and invasive. This provides advantages over other image procedures such as x-ray, magnetic resonance, etc. The need for minimally invasive imaging procedures is increasing worldwide, especially in Europe due to the preference for these procedures among patients. As a result, an increase in ultrasonic probes is observed, which will rise the demand for probe disinfection in the future. The regional market growth is accelerating with increased government support for new disinfection technologies and an increase in health spending around the world. In turn, it is expected that the increase in ultrasonic imaging tests will activate the market for the ultrasonic sensing disinfection.

Another factor that drives market growth is the increase in the adoption of high concentration disinfection technology and probing systems and advances in ultrasonic sound technology. The number of ultrasound procedures increases and the number of diseases contracted through disinfected ultrasound probes is a key factor in the regional market for ultrasound probes disinfection.

However, due to the lack of knowledge of the disinfection of ultrasonic sensors and the absence of improved disinfection techniques and systems, it is expected to limit the European probe disinfection market. It is also anticipated that ignorance of the disinfection of ultrasonic sensors prevents the growth of the market. The highest fertility rates due to the best health facilities can be an opportunity for the market for ultrasonic probe disinfection in Europe.

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Geographic Segmentation:

Europe accounts for most of the global market due to good decontamination practices for ultrasound probes. The strong reputation of ultrasonic sensor disinfection and technological advances are other factors contributing to market growth in the region. The market in Europe is expected to grow rapidly with the adoption of new and advanced techniques and systems for probe disinfection.

Key market players:

Nanosonics, Tristel, Ecolab, CIVCO Medical Solutions, Germitec, Schülke & Mayr, Parker Laboratories, Virox Technologies, CS Medical, Advanced Sterilization Products, STERIS and Metrex Research, are among the leading players in the European ultrasonic probe disinfection market.

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